‘Spider-Man’ Producer Teases New Villains Might Be Coming Soon

Now that we’ve seen Tom Holland step up and become the sole mediator in the Disney-Sony split and mend them back together, the Spider-Man franchise has just opened up a million new possibilities. If there was initial fear sticking with the MCU would maybe bring creative complacency, there’s already talk about bringing in new villains many fans have long wanted.

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland
Spider-Man (Tom Holland) | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

If you’ve seen the DVD edition of Spider-Man: Far From Home, then you probably noticed producer Amy Pascal hosting a new featurette talking about the future villains in the franchise. She discusses the possibility of the Sinister Six becoming the main villainous focus in the upcoming 2021 Spider-Man film. This little giveaway about MCU’s future is blowing up places like Reddit where users are speculating on who comprises the new Six.

Who were the original Sinister Six in Marvel comic books?

What makes Pascal’s comment on the featurette so intriguing is four of the original Sinister Six from Marvel have already appeared as villains in Spider-Man films. As a Reddit user recently noted, the four from the original group we’ve seen recently are Scorpion, Vulture, Mysterio, and Shocker. Only Dr. Octopus and Kraven would have to be added to complete the original lineup.

Of course, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Dr. Octopus on the big screen. Kraven the Hunter has only been hinted as a possibility for hunting Peter Parker/Spider-Man after being falsely accused of killing Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

The big question is whether all of these villains will join to form a Sinister Six group, which was the comic book edition of a mafia gang. What has everyone confused is whether it can really happen when you consider the Mysterio death in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

When it comes to Mysterio, though, we know anything is possible in somehow worming his way out of death, even if he is ultimately human.

Amy Pascal said the Sinister Six “may” happen

While there’s certainly nothing official about what Pascal said in the above featurette, it’s certainly better to hear a rumor from an official source rather than a direct Reddit user.

Pascal says there “may be” a Sinister Six happening later, which would make an exciting movie, especially with Parker on the run to clear his name. Every Marvel fan is speculating on whether Mysterio will technically return, due to him somehow creating the illusion he died or being filled in with some of the more recent villains.

Nobody should expect a new Sinister Six to necessarily adhere exactly to the comic books. Let’s all remember a couple of new villains could potentially join this fray, like Morbius or Venom. A few fans on Reddit think those two aren’t really logical, outside of Venom likely crossing over thanks to the Disney-Sony deal.

What others want to see are Electro and Sandman joining the group since they were part of the original comic book Sinister Six. These characters haven’t joined the MCU yet, however, but Pascal’s hint might indicate they’re on the horizon.

How would the Sinister Six operate?

Maybe we’ll see the Sinister Six operate as a covert government group out to nab Spider-Man. Having Peter Parker having to endure six villains at once could end up being the peak movie in the franchise.

With Parker now a man (or still a teen?) on the run, the intensity level is going to be ramped up for future movies. We just hope it’ll give a chance to see Parker turn into a real man and not still be a high school kid fumbling through superhero life.

Holland will likely be in the role for years to come, giving us a chance to see him nearly top his mentor, Tony Stark, in how to take on multiple villains nearly by himself.