Spider-Woman to Replace Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in the MCU: Who Will Become the Heroine?

Tom Holland has been playing the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s web-slinger since 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. Two standalone installments and multiple mash-up movies later, Holland’s Spider-Man has become a fan-favorite MCU character. However, as the MCU transitions into Phase 4 and beyond, new characters will come to define the filmic landscape.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the MCU
Tom Holland attends the ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ press conference | Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Just like Thor will likely pass the hammer onto Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster and Clint Barton will train Kate Bishop to become Hawkeye, Peter Parker will likely one day introduce a successor. Based on insider leaks and narrative plausibility, the MCU may replace Peter Parker with Spider-Woman. However, which version of the character will come to the silver screen. Considering there are multiple female web-slingers in the comics, there are various options for the MCU. Let’s break down why two successors seem more likely than others.

Will ‘Spider-Gwen’ replace Peter Parker in the MCU? 

According to Mikey Sutton — a Marvel and DC Insider with a credible past concerning comic book intel — Marvel Studios may be bringing Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Gwen into the MCU. 

Mikey Sutton goes on to explain that Marvel Studios has been hesitant to bring the character into the MCU because of her muddy cinematic past. Both Emma Stone and Bryce Dallas Howard’s depictions opened to mixed audience and critical reception, which is why Marvel Studios want to ensure a successful on-screen depiction. Gwen is reportedly on the studio’s radar for a solo movie, if not an entire franchise following Phase 4. Sutton stated:

Marvel Studios wants more than just Stacy to play a supporting role in their Spider-Man movies. They want to produce and release a Spider-Gwen movie, have it fully set in the  MCU, teaming the character with various Young Avengers.

Sutton, Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture 

While Gwen Stacy may have a solid future in the MCU as Tom Holland’s successor, there’s one other option that could come to fruition based on the recent Spidey movies. 

Will Zendaya’s Michelle Jones Become Spider-Woman after Tom Holland’s Peter Parker? 

Theorists argue that Marvel Studios is grooming Zendaya for Spider-Woman via characterization. She deduced Peter Parker’s heroic identity by drawing connections between his absence and the presence of threats. And, she was the one to discover Mysterio’s fraudulence; in other words, her innate Spidey-sense has been tingling since day one. 

Rumor also has it that Mary Jane is coming to the MCU, which could be used as a tool to separate Jones and Parker — leaving Jones an independent player, as opposed to a romantic interest — opening the opportunity for the character to receive a solo plotline. 

In short, a female web-slinger will likely take Peter Parker’s place when the MCU finally decides to bid the character farewell; however, whether Spider-Gwen or Michelle Jones will take the reigns remains a mystery at this point. Maybe, just maybe, fans will receive both iterations via some strong multiverse magic and mania.