Spotify Unveils New Music App for Kids

It’s always a good thing when tech companies adapt their offerings to accommodate their audience, especially when it comes to tailoring content. In a move that will have the little ones in your life dancing to the beat of their own speakers, Spotify is launching a new music service just for kiddos. Spotify is for the children.

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Spotify introducing ‘Spotify Kids’ app

Kids love to flock to YouTube, Tik Tok, Pandora, and Spotify to get their musical fixes, but now the company will be offering an app catering to the tastes of children featuring curated playlists containing songs and stories. According to a news release from Spotify, content is culled from the music world as well as TV shows and movies.

“Spotify Kids was born out of the desire to create a playground of sound just for kids—to build a place where younger kids can explore their favorite music and stories in a fun environment. The content is ad-free and hand-picked by a team of editors, and the experience is bursting with color. Our visuals help guide young minds through the app with simple navigation and scaled-back text.

Spotify Kids is a composite of playlists, which makes it easy for kids to find music and stories from their favorite movies and TV shows or hit plays on a playlist to sing along to during their favorite activity—or their least favorite chore.”

The app is geared toward children age three and up, and the designs are crafted to be engaging and user-friendly for each age group, including older kids.  

Spotify introducing Spotify Kids app

It’s not available just yet. When it comes to innovation, it’s always important to put a product or service through beta testing to see what works and what doesn’t. That is the stage the Spotify Kids app is currently running in Ireland, but there are major plans to release it worldwide if all goes well. Who can wait?

As part of the Spotify Premium Family plan, users who already have family members signed up can access the special app at no additional charge. At this time, the plan costs $14.99 per month.

Spotify wants you to know that parental controls are in place to make it easier to manage content and protect privacy. For those parents who don’t like what they’ve discovered on their kids’ playlists, this is a bonus.

In addition to music, Spotify plans to deliver audiobooks, podcasts, and other forms of family-friendly content that is age appropriate and entertaining.

The company consulted with experts to get it right

Per the press report, Spotify spent two years conducting research and consulting with parents, the National Children’s Museum, and various children’s advocacy organizations. Spotify hopes to glean more information through the beta testing phase and burrow through input from parents and kid users.

According to USA Today, you can still expect to hear music from popular artists such as Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, and family-friendly creators like Nickelodeon, Disney, and Hasbro. It’s noted that only clean versions of popular songs will be added to playlists.

The app will be available for iOS and Android users but parents are encouraged to check back at this link to find out more about Spotify Kids, and to learn when the app will roll out in their geographical area.