‘Standing Up, Falling Down’: How Ben Schwartz’s Tweets Are Used in the Movie

Standing Up, Falling Down is a comedy showing a struggling stand-up comedian named Scott (Ben Schwartz) going back home and starting a new friendship with a dermatologist named Marty (Billy Crystal), who is also an alcoholic.

The Cheat Sheet talked to Schwartz at the world premiere of Standing Up, Falling Down at Tribeca Film Festival on April 25. This is what he had to say about relating to the role himself and his favorite Billy Crystal movie moment.

Ben Schwartz says the idea of failure pushes him

Billy Crystal and Ben Schwartz
Billy Crystal and Ben Schwartz | Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy

The funny actor has certainly found success appearing in shows like Parks & Recreation, Bojack Horseman and more. He also knows a lot about comedy from being in UCB, but did he ever felt like it wasn’t going to work out like his character?

“I think when you’re doing entertainment or when you’re acting or when you’re doing comedy there’s always that feeling of ‘Oh no. What happens if it’s all over tomorrow?'” Schwartz told The Cheat Sheet. “At the beginning, the feeling starts out, ‘Am I’m ever gonna make it? Am I ever gonna make money? Am I ever going to support myself?’ And then it’s like ‘I hope this next one isn’t my last one.'”

He added, “So I think that it’s always in the back of your head. The idea of failure I think is something that kind of pushes me a little bit. It’s like I don’t want to fail I really want to try hard I would do the best I can. I want to make people happy as much as I can.”

His old tweets are used for his character’s stand-up routine

The writers of Standing Up, Falling Down went to an interesting source for some comedy material for Scott’s routine in the movie.

“The movie starts off with me doing stand up and I believe we use a bunch of my tweets,” Schwartz said. He added, “some of them are good and some of them are not very good [laughs.]”

The actor worked on the script with the movie’s writer, Peter Hoare. Someone else also helped with the writing. “Billy [Crystal] was huge in rewriting the script with me too,” revealed Schwartz.

Schwartz’s favorite Billy Crystal movie moment is in City Slickers

The actor said he was pretty excited to be working with Crystal given he’s a fan of his work. “It was incredible,” he said. “I mean When Harry Met Sally is a perfect movie and in City Slickers. He was such a part of my childhood that to me in real life when you see him for the first time you like ‘Whoa!’ and then you relax.”

He revealed that there was one line that stuck with him and his family. “I mean the ‘Hellooo’ from City Slickers. Me and my family would always say that to each other. But I think When Harry Met Sally to me is that performance that he gave I think is one of the most legendary him and Meg Ryan are perfect for that film.”

Fans of Ben Schwartz are going to have to see which old tweets made it in Standing Up, Falling Down. More showtimes during Tribeca can be found here.

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