‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Ash Tyler’s Flashbacks May Confirm This Popular Fan Theory

Star Trek: Discovery is back from its break and now, hopefully, a lot of questions will be answered, including which universe the show will take place in. But now, there is a bigger question that might be answered very soon: What is really going on with Ash Tyler?

The Cheat Sheet previously talked to Shazad Latif who plays the character about who he is and how that affects his view of Klingons. “He’s in a prison because of the Klingons,” he said. “He’s got a personal issue against them, so he would never question it. He’s up for it.”

But now fans are starting to think this is probably not true and they might be right! Here are seven things to know about how Ash Tyler’s flashbacks might confirm a popular fan theory.

1. Ash Tyler might really be Klingon

Ash Tyler smiling as he looks over at something in the ship.

Ash Tyler | CBS

There is a popular fan theory that Ash Tyler isn’t really human, but that’s not all. He might actually be Voq in disguised.

Reddit user absorballof47 wrote, “This theory is a bit wacky. Buuut if you google Javid Iqbal the actor who plays Voq, it almost seems like he’s made up. There is no info on the guy. So maybe Shazad Latif who plays Ash Tyler is actually playing Voq … Now I want to go back and see if I can see Clem Fandango in Voq.”

It starting to look like at least part of that theory could be true, because Tyler is suffering from flashbacks which include him possibly being romantically involved with L’Rell. Then there is a talk about Tyler’s name being something completely different so we might not know his true identity.

2. He has a secret identity he doesn’t remember

Ash Tyler looks scared as he stares upwards while standing in front of lights and smoke.

Will he be able to remember his past? | CBS

In a flashback, we find out we don’t know everything about Ash Tyler and neither does he. L’Rell tells him, “You have another name, say it. The prayer should make you remember.”

3. We find out Tyler’s appearance has been altered

Ash Tyler looking bewildered as he turns to the side.

What did he look like before? | CBS

When Tyler was sent to Dr. Hugh Culber it was revealed that Tyler’s appearance and psychology were altered. So we actually don’t know what he really looks like or what his true personality is. But we still have to wait to see what this will actually lead to.

4. There is a theory Tyler was changed with the Klingon augment virus

Ash Tyler and Voq collage.

An interesting theory. | Trekyards via YouTube

Fans are not only trying to figure out what Tyler’s true identity is but how he was changed. Inverse believes this could have been possible through the Klingon augment virus. After the physical change, his memories were possibly wiped.

5. Shazad Latif hasn’t denied that Tyler is Klingon

Shazad Latif in Star Trek Discovery

Shazad Latif in Star Trek: Discovery | CBS

The theory is really gaining traction so it’s no surprise that he has been asked if this is true. He told Den of Geek, “There are crazy fan theories which is, like you were saying, the power of Star Trek fandom, they’re great detectives and some things they get right and some they get wrong.”

6. Showrunner Aaron Harberts says fans should focus less on the reveal

Aaron Harberts speaks into a microphone while speaking into a microphone.

Aaron Harberts | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

When asked about Tyler’s storyline, Aaron Harberts said fans shouldn’t focus as much on the answer to their fan theory.

“Whatever people’s theories are, I think the way that the way we’re going tell this story will be unexpected,” he told TV Guide. “Because I think most people are gonna be focused on the plot of whatever comes for Tyler and we are more focused on the emotional journey of this character and the ramifications of what happened to him … I think people are gonna be surprised by the story that comes out of this.”

7. Latif previously said he isn’t rooting for the Klingons because of Tyler’s imprisonment

 Shazad Latif smiles while posing on a red carpet.

Shazad Latif |Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Although it might seem like Tyler’s allegiance might be blurred, Shazad Latif previously told The Cheat Sheet that he isn’t rooting for the Klingons. “No, I can’t, they’ve tortured me. They’ve done horrible things to me, so yeah.”

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