‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Draws Positive Reactions After First Screening

Following a screening of the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, reactions to the new show have been largely positive.

On Tuesday night, CBS premiered the show at a screening in Hollywood, California. Reviews are still embargoed until Sunday night, but those in attendance for the screening were allowed to tweet their thoughts.

Sonequa Martin-Green stands with her hands behind her back, in a blue Starfleet jumpsuit

Sonequa Martin-Green in Star Trek: Discovery | CBS

Many of those who were invited to the screening were not critics, but Entertainment Tonight editor-in-chief Shana Naomi was there, and she loved it.

Culture writer Ira Madison III‏ agreed, describing the show as “next level.”

The Wrap TV reporter Carli Velocci added that the show is really good.”

Freelance film critic Jordan Hoffman had good things to say about Discovery as well, though it’s worth noting that he has written for StarTrek.com and hosts a Star Trek podcast.

Actor Sam Witwer‏, who is known for Star Wars: Rebels but has also appeared on Star Trek: Enterprise, was a fan of the premiere, as was Mythbusters‘ Grant Imahara‏.

Interestingly, while the Star Trek fansite TrekMovie.com had good things to say about the show, they noted that some elements are going to spark debate.

Here are some additional Twitter reactions following the Star Trek: Discovery premiere:

We won’t be seeing any official reviews of Star Trek: Discovery before the first episode airs, though, as critics are not allowed to publish reviews prior to the show’s release. Oftentimes studios don’t allow critics to release reviews ahead of time if they know that the film or television show is bad. But sometimes this is done just to prevent spoilers from leaking on a highly secretive project. With Star Wars: The Force Awakens, for instance, Disney would not allow any reviews to be published until the day before the movie opened.

Fans have been anxious about Star Trek: Discovery for months now, but hopefully these first reactions indicate that they have nothing to worry about, especially seeing as some professional TV critics are digging the new series. Star Trek: Discovery will premiere its first episode on CBS on September 24, but after that, it will become exclusive to CBS All Access, CBS’ streaming service that costs $5.99 a month.