‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Will Cleveland Booker Help or Ruin Michael Burnham’s Mission in Season 3?

There is a lot of change coming in the third season of Star Trek: Discovery. That’s because Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and many of the other characters travel 930 years into the future.

A new face is also coming to the show with David Ajala playing Cleveland “Book” Booker. Will he help or ruin their mission?

Showbiz Cheat Sheet talked to Green at PaleyFest on Oct. 5. This is what she had to say about the new character and more details from the night’s panel with the cast.

Cleveland Booker is a new character in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

Book is the newest character to join the cast. His character falls into the storyline that USS Discovery and some of its crew traveled 930 years into the future.

We know that things are very different in this future. The trailer teases that Burnham has been trying to figure out what caused this for a year. We then see her with Book.

“You believe in ghosts,” Book tells Burnham. “What does that mean?” she asks. “That badge on your shirt,” he answers. This reply definitely shocks Burnham.

What does this mean about Federation’s status in the future? Will Book help or ruin her mission? Luckily, the cast has already started giving this answer.

Sonequa Martin-Green said Book is integral to where they’ll end up

Sonequa Martin-Green
Sonequa Martin-Green | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Green told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that she loved working with the new cast member. “We love having new faces,” she said. “We love David Ajala and he is brilliant. He’s so charming. We love him.”

She went on to use the actor’s words to describe their characters’ relationship. “I do love the dynamic between between Cleveland Booker a.k.a “Book” and Burnham. He said in me in the New York Comic Con panel earlier this evening that it was unorthodox.”

She added, “It’s unorthodox their relationship. They have this sort of like unlikely journey.” Book is an important character given Green said, “It’s very interesting and he very much represents in a lot of ways, at least, this new future that we land in. So he’s very integral to where we end up.”

Book is also on his own mission

Cast members also had a panel talking about the third season for PaleyFest. There, they dove deeper into the new character and Ajala got to talk about Book.

“He too is on a very personal mission,” revealed the actor. He said, “Book as a character is very selfless.”

This means he is willing to sacrifice his life for this mission, which makes him and Burnham “kindred spirits.” Book is able to help those on USS Discovery by helping them navigate this new place.

It was also revealed that someone who is as self-driven as Book is unfamiliar to Burnham because she is used to the Federation.

This is good news for our main characters considering they’re going to need help. It’s been revealed during the panel that USS Discovery is the only ship that can spore drive in the future so it’s very important. This also makes the ship desirable to other people.

Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery will premiere in 2020 on CBS All Access.