‘Star Wars’ Ranking: The 10 Most Powerful Jedi in the Entire Saga

Stars Wars is always the talk of the town and it’s best to know what people are talking about. We wanted to know who is the most powerful Jedi in the Star Wars universe so we wouldn’t be left out at the holiday party gossip circles. Well, young padawans, here is our list of the top 10 most powerful Jedis, both in the old expanded universe and in the new canonical stories from Disney.

10. Ezra Bridger

An animated picture of ezra bridger holding a lightsaber

Ezra Bridger | Starwars.com

Ezra Bridger spent the beginning part of his life in very much the same way as Disney’s Aladdin. He was a street-wise kid who became a con artist and a thief in order to get by on his home planet. Nevertheless, he was still a good-natured person and eventually he came around to the light and joined the battle against the Empire. His story is critical to the Star Wars canon, and there are some pretty neat theories about his importance. But we won’t spoil anything on the first page.

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