‘Star Wars’ Announces Epic New Era — Salty Fans Still Find Something to Complain About

Project Luminous is a new era of Star Wars storytelling that is set in The High Republic — 200 years before the Skywalker saga began. It will not overlap anything that is already in production, so it is a blank slate for writers to tell brand new stories

For many people, this is an exciting time for Star Wars; however, this fan base is a very critical bunch. Let’s take a look at why salty fans are already complaining. 

Star Wars: The High Republic Logo
‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ Logo | Disney

Many fans are upset that ‘Project Luminous’ is only books — right now

“I really thought this was a movie or a video game,” wrote one Instagram user on The High Republic trailer.

Other fans asked people to like their comment if they thought the era included a video game. Star Wars currently has a plethora of video games as well as movies. However, there are also comic books, children’s books, and adult books. The new era is beginning with books only so fans are a bit salty.  

“[I] was in, then it’s all books. Meh,” another Star Wars fan added.

The project is currently a publishing initiative with five books on the horizon surrounding The High Republic. It will include new stories with unique characters and worlds while staying true to the Star Wars universe. 

The release did not say that there would not be movies and games coming. However, some fans want to skip the books and jump right into the cinema.

Others are upset that the era is ‘The High Republic’ and not ‘The Old Republic’

“I wonder when the old republic will actually happen,” complained another fan.

The Old Republic was a galactic government that existed before the establishment of the Galactic Republic, thousands of years before The Clone Wars. It is currently explored in an online role-playing game. There is also a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game and comic book series. 

“They should stop messing around and give us The Old Republic and the Sith Empire,” added another fan. 

While there are comic books and video games based on the Old Republic, there is not yet a movie. Fans are upset that the Project Luminous release is a separate era from the one they want to see on the big screen. 

‘Star Wars’ fans complain about the salty criticism

“What’s there to criticize?” questioned one fan. “They have literally just announced this completely new content; it’s a blank slate with endless opportunities.”

Other fans find it annoying that we have this massive release, yet the fandom finds something to grumble over.

“The Star Wars books and comics that have been released since Disney bought Lucasfilm have been consistently awesome,” wrote another Instagram user. “I’d recommend the first two Vader series and the new Thrawn Trilogy. Trust me it’s worthwhile. This new era will be just as amazing.”

Many came to Disney and Lucasfilm’s defense. For now, The High Republic Publishing Campaign includes five unique stories coming this year.

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