‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Contains a Possible Clue About Luke Skywalker in ‘The Last Jedi’

Even though 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront didn’t even have a story mode, its sequel has one that’s highly significant. The campaign in Battlefront II tells a canon story, and one level appears to have major implications for The Last Jedi.

Here’s a look at what is revealed about Luke in Battlefront II. Warning: There will be spoilers for one level of the game coming up.

1. Luke Skywalker has a compass in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Old Luke with compass from StarWarsLeaks

For a few months now, we’ve heard that Luke Skywalker has some sort of compass in The Last Jedi. We first learned this through Making Star Wars in May. They described this compass as having a blue, marble-like orb on top and said they weren’t sure what it did but were pretty sure it was important.

Later, this report was confirmed by official toys for The Last Jedi, as one of them shows Luke with a compass. It’s exactly like Making Star Wars had described, complete with the blue marble-like orb.

The compass must be somewhat relevant to the story if it made its way onto one of the toys, but fans continue to wonder what its purpose is.

2. The compass was mentioned in a recent book

The Legends of Luke Skywalker cover
The Legends of Luke Skywalker | Lucasfilm Press

In addition to the compass showing up on a toy, it was also mentioned in a recent book. In The Legends of Luke Skywalker, a canon novel, it’s said that Luke was given a compass by a scavenger not long after the Battle of Jakku. It’s also mentioned that the scavenger got the compass from an Imperial case that was labeled “Pillio.”

The idea behind this book is that it consists of stories about Luke, which are told secondhand and may or may not be true. Still, seeing the compass talked about in a bit of canon material released right before The Last Jedi pointed towards it being more than just a meaningless prop.

3. In Battlefront II, there’s a level where Luke looks through Palpatine’s vault

Luke isn’t the main character of Battlefront II, but he does show up in one level. In it, Luke journeys to the planet of Pillio, telling R2D2 that he sensed there’s something special about it. As he gets closer, he notes that there’s something “unnatural” here. Pillo, of course, is what was written on the Imperial case where the compass was supposedly found.

On the way, Luke comes across an imperial soldier named Del Meeko. The two make their way into Emperor Palpatine’s vault, the door for which can only be opened using the Force. Inside the vault is what appears to be a bunch of junk, but Luke gravitates towards one box in particular.

When Luke opens the box, that’s when Star Wars fans who have been paying attention to the spoilers behind The Last Jedi lean forward and gasp. 

4. Luke finds the compass in Battlefront II 

The close up of a compass in Battlefront II 
The compass | Electronic Arts

When Luke opens the box, he finds the aforementioned compass. In the game, it looks exactly like Making Star Wars described it and exactly the way it looks on the Funko toy.

It’s unclear whether Luke knows exactly what this compass is or just senses that there’s something important about it. He does note that the compass isn’t worthless and asks Del Meeko if he can keep it; Meeko had been tasked with destroying the facility.

Since Luke saved Del’s life earlier, Del allows him to keep the compass. In The Legends of Luke Skywalker, it’s said that Luke was given the compass by a scavenger. But since that was just a story being told secondhand, that part could have been wrong.

5. Luke may have used the compass to find Ahch-To

Luke Skywalker stands in Star Wars: Battlefront II
Luke  and the compass in Star Wars: Battlefront II | Electronic Arts

One theory about this compass is that Luke used it in order to find the first Jedi Temple. That’s apparently why he’s on Ach-To in The Force Awakens, as Han Solo explains in the movie. So this compass could explain a major piece of backstory about Luke that fans have been wondering about.

The compass definitely seems to be related to the Force, as Luke sensed it from far away. Some fans, therefore, think that the compass might guide users towards places that are strong in the Force. That would obviously make it very helpful in Luke’s mission to find the first Jedi Temple.

Whatever the compass is, it has to be of some significance to Luke that he kept it for decades. So it must either have emotional resonance to him or be something that’s extremely useful. 

6. Some people think the compass points towards Snoke

Snoke holds out his hand
Snoke in  Star Wars: The Last Jedi  | Lucasfilm

An alternate theory is that the compass points in the direction of Snoke. In the canon novels, it has been established that there is a dark presence out in the Unknown Regions. Palpatine was obsessed with finding this presence, which he thought might be the source of his powers. The common theory among fans is that the dark presence is Supreme Leader Snoke. After all, the First Order flees to the Unknown Regions after the Battle of Jakku, and the next time we see them, they’re being led by Snoke.

The theory goes that perhaps part of the reason Luke feels so guilty is that he’s the one who freed Snoke from the Unknown Regions and brought him into the main galaxy, having found him using this compass. Snoke could have then turned Ben to the Dark Side, and Luke subsequently went into exile.

The only lingering question with this theory is why Palpatine would have the compass tossed away in a vault somewhere. But that could just be because he found a better way into the Unknown Regions, and indeed, in Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End, it’s revealed that he had a map of the Unknown Regions on Jakku.

7. Rey might dive into Luke’s X-Wing to find the compass

Rey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Rey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Lucasfilm

Speaking of this compass, there’s an oddly-convincing fan theory out there about how it factors into the movie. In the footage we’ve seen from The Last Jedi, there’s a shot of Rey jumping into water and a shot of Rey climbing out of water. When she climbs out of the water, she only puts one hand on the rock above her, which seems weird unless there’s something valuable in her other hand. We also know based on promotional materials for The Last Jedi that Luke’s X-Wing is submerged in the water on Ach-To.

Therefore, some fans have theorized that Rey dives into the water in the movie to retrieve the compass, which is in Luke’s X-Wing. Perhaps Luke has tossed it aside for the same reason he believes the Jedi Order must end, but Rey, whose role seems to be to get Luke back to his old self, takes it upon herself to get it back. 

8. There could be another spoiler in Battlefront II

Star Wars: Battlefront II
Star Wars: Battlefront II | Electronic Arts

The compass isn’t the only way that Battlefront II could connect to The Last Jedi. Some fans are convinced that the game actually introduces us to Rey’s parents.

In the game, two of the main characters are Iden Versio and Del Meeko. The game makes a point near the end to mention that they have a daughter together. Never is there any specific evidence pointing towards them being Rey’s parents, but it’s certainly interesting timing that a piece of Star Wars content in which the two main characters have a daughter is coming out right before the movie that’s set to reveal who a young woman’s parents are.

Still, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest this isn’t the case. First of all, Rey’s parentage is one of the main mysteries of the new Star Wars trilogy, and it would be a bit disappointing for non-gamers if these characters are revealed for the first time in a video game instead of on screen.

In addition, Daisy Ridley has said that she thought it was obvious in The Force Awakens who Rey’s parents were. This suggests they can’t be Iden and Del because there’s no way anyone would have figured that out from The Force Awakens alone.

If not Rey, it’s possible Iden and Del will end up being the parents of a less important character down the road.

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