‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Might Reveal Identity of Rey’s Parents

The mystery over who Rey’s parents are in the new Star Wars trilogy is one most people agree is probably the most manipulative of any plot development in recent memory. While most fans have agreed she probably isn’t Luke Skywalker’s daughter, the growing thought is the reveal we saw in The Last Jedi isn’t really the truth.

Some new hints in The Rise of Skywalker trailer suggest maybe Kylo Ren was pulling Rey’s lightsaber.

While we still have seven months to debate who Rey’s parents are, let’s take a few minutes to remind who Rey is, what the theories are behind her lineage, and what the surprise twists might ultimately be in Episode IX.

Star Wars cast
Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, and Kelly Marie Tran onstage at Star Wars Celebration | Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Disney

How does the theory Kylo was lying in the last film hold up?

When it comes to Kylo Ren, we know he’s essentially a human tug-of-war in the battle between good and evil. Anything he says might be a trick, or it might be well-meaning. This was a brilliant ploy in The Last Jedi when he revealed to Rey (Daisy Ridley) she came from “filthy junk trader” parentage.

There seems to be a growing consensus this probably isn’t true based on clues from J.J. Abrams himself. He recently revealed there’s a lot more to the story of Rey’s parents. What that is exactly has people speculating on whether there’s a connection to Senator Palpatine who became the dark side’s Emperor (Darth Sidious).

Many cite the cackle at the end of the Episode IX trailer as proof Palpatine will return in some form, maybe to reveal himself as Rey’s true father. Yes, it really would cause a social media tsunami realizing Rey is the abandoned offspring of the Emperor, giving a tangential and darkly ironic connection to Anakin and Luke Skywalker after all.

Then again, Rey coming from Palpatine would be too easy

Since The Rise of Skywalker is coming from J.J. Abrams, the level of surprises might be greater than they were before. He’s known for utilizing his “Mystery Box” concept to bring more twists than what’s typical in other movies.

Then again, let’s think back to the Abrams-directed The Force Awakens. Many of the so-called secrets in the film became a little bit too guessable. Many of us initially thought the previous rumors permeating social media were false. Once we saw the film, some of us used the classic line Han Solo uttered during a pivotal scene: “The rumors are true; all of it.”

It turned out maybe J.J. Abrams can’t keep mysteries in his mystery box. Strangely enough, director Rian Johnson was able to maintain more secrets for The Last Jedi (particularly Luke’s death).

Guessing Rey’s parentage might not matter

We can all appreciate how busy these new Star Wars films are rather than focusing on just one plot development. These were made for an audience who wants to be challenged, which we’ve seen with the blurred lines between good vs. evil.

Should the Rey’s parents story be an easy guessable secret, there’s still plenty of other avenues being kept under wraps. A considerable amount is there to explore in Kylo Ren’s trajectory, whether Luke will show up as a Force Ghost, plus what happens to Rey by the end (including perhaps falling in love with Kylo).

How would she take the idea that she possibly descends from Palpatine? From the outset, some might think this could lead to some kind of mental breakdown. On the other hand, it would be a highly innovative way to close out Daisy Ridley’s powerful character.

Having Rey go into the sunset with the mindset of lineage not defining who she is or becomes would become a very powerful statement for the real world.