‘Star Wars’ Fans Haven’t Given Up on a Possible Rian Johnson Trilogy … Yet

The Last Jedi was undoubtedly a controversial movie that had many Star Wars fans divided. That being said, many Star Wars fans can still agree on certain things when it comes to The Last Jedi, and one of those things have to do with its cinematography.

However, when it comes to the things that Star Wars fans can’t agree on, the writer and director of the movie, Rian Johnson, is the central focus of that discussion. Since Johnson wrote and directed the movie, many fans love him or hate him for how the movie turned out.

That’s why, despite no recent announcements of the such, many Star Wars fans are still holding out hope for a Star Wars trilogy made by Rian Johnson. 

Why ‘Star Wars’ fans want a trilogy from Rian Johnson

As Star Wars fans talked about on RedditThe Last Jedi was a Star Wars movie that had a unique voice. As one fan wrote, “The Last Jedi had enough new ideas and unique writing that had me excited for the prospect of more.”

Johnson had written and directed several acclaimed movies before he went on to work on The Last Jedi, and many fans thought that his style worked really well in the movie. 

On top of that, like other fans said, Disney had already announced a future trilogy that’s supposed to be from Johnson. However, the issue is that Disney has been largely silent about this trilogy ever since 2017, so while many fans are sure it’s going to happen, others are becoming more skeptical as Disney maintains its silence. 

The backlash from ‘The Last Jedi’ may have hurt this trilogy

Rian Johnson
Rian Johnson | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Many Star Wars fans speculated on Reddit that the main reason for Disney’s radio silence on Johnson’s trilogy has been due to the backlash that The Last Jedi received. As one fan wrote, “What bugs me is that the fans who came out against Rian and that movie really shifted how Disney handled his trilogy.” 

While it’s impossible to truly figure out how much of an impact those fans had, what is certain is that, like Star Wars fans talked about, Johnson’s trilogy was announced before The Last Jedi came out, and afterwards, Disney has been quiet about it for over three years.

Fans are interpreting that change in different ways, and some fans think that the backlash against The Last Jedi has caused Disney to give up on Johnson’s trilogy. 

Other fans think that, while Johnson may still get another shot at directing another Star Wars movie, his trilogy was canceled because Disney didn’t think that it’d make sense financially. However, there are Star Wars fans who are more optimistic about it. 

Why the Rian Johnson trilogy may still happen

Like Star Wars fans on Reddit said, since Disney trusted Johnson to do a trilogy even before The Last Jedi came out, there’s clearly a lot of trust between Johnson and Disney. That trust may allow him to take a few years off to cool down from the backlash before he finally starts working on his trilogy. 

And that seems to be exactly what Johnson has been doing. Ever since The Last Jedi came out, Johnson started working on his next movie, which was Knives Out.

That movie turned out to be a smash hit, as it told an original mystery story that captivated audiences. Knives Out was also nominated for an Oscar, so that proved to fans that Johnson was still a great director. 

After Knives Out came out, Johnson talked about doing sequels to it. For Star Wars fans, this means that Johnson will likely be busy with his own projects for the next few years, and when he’s done with them, he may finally start working on his trilogy.