‘Star Wars’ Fans Now Believe This Character Is The Chosen One Instead of Anakin Skywalker

The deception on plot points in the new Star Wars trilogy is off the charts in terms of secrecy and even confusion. The Rise of Skywalker is somehow going to tie everything up in a tidy bow, including revealing to audiences who Rey really is. Most should have seen it coming that she probably isn’t ordinary like she originally thought she was in The Force Awakens.

One of the biggest questions is whether Rey is really The Chosen One rather than Luke. Would that be the biggest movie twist of all time, or just an overly safe plot choice?

From the perspective of bringing more women heroes to the screen, it’s certainly a historic choice to make. Of course, what the diehard Star Wars fans think will also matter since they’ll be buying the movie tickets and streaming TRoS in the future.

The real Chosen One was intended to bring more balance between good and evil

Stormtroopers at the Rise of Skywalker premiere
‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’ World Premiere | Rich Fury/Getty Images

It’s obvious the overall arc of the new trilogy was to bring more logic to the main Star Wars message of good vs. evil. In the new direction, it’s more about finding balance and that real life has a mix of the good and the bad. Even Kylo Ren understands elements of this, making him a debatable choice on whether he’s really The Chosen One after all.

Then again, Rey has a lot of qualities that points to her being the real Chosen One after Anakin Skywalker failed to live up to expectations decades earlier.

Screen Rant recently did an analysis debating whether Rey or Kylo deserve this new designation. Based on early reaction to The Rise of Skywalker, it sounds like there may be a definitive answer, unless everything else is answered other than pinning a character as the real savior.

From the standpoint of the new complexity in this trilogy, it’s possible Rey isn’t the obvious choice this time. Should it end up being Kylo Ren, it’s likely to create a lot of debates with Star Wars traditionalists who appreciated the old, digestible good vs. evil dichotomy.

The Skywalker line makes more sense

Since Rey clearly isn’t related to Luke (or as far as anyone knows at the moment), there’s more clarity now her real story was in The Last Jedi. In The Rise of Skywalker, the real story may be Ben Solo/Kylo Ren since he’s directly related to the Skywalker line.

Having the word “Rise” in the title also gives a lot of clues as to whether Ben/Kylo will redeem himself by finding a way to bring more balance to the galaxy far, far away.

Doing so would bring a lot more real-world qualities to Star Wars than the oversimplified message that good will always overcome evil. Outside of good always prevailing over evil initially, reality continually reveals evil often returns for vengeance.

No matter if that evil may be thwarted again, having a coalescence of the light and the dark side creates more complex human beings. Without a little bit of the dark side in everyone, being good wouldn’t really make sense since there wouldn’t be a complete understanding of willing away bad feelings.

With a deeper philosophy like this, the new Star Wars trilogy may be looked at in time as a superior look at the meaning of life and how this fantastical universe managed to link up with how reality really works.

The real world has “Gray Jedi”

Bringing the term “Gray Jedi” into the mainstream due to The Rise of Skywalker would be something worth plenty of discussion. Whether this was George Lucas’ original overall arc is still a mystery. If not, adding J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson to the fray will prove a major asset in future years as the films become reanalyzed.

Maybe the real Chosen One is a combination of Kylo and Rey who make up the new emblem of the Gray Jedi. It gives a good chance the new trilogy will be studied in philosophy classes in future decades as the ultimate sci-fi/fantasy way to describe how our earthly heroes have become revealed in more recent years.