‘Star Wars’: Do Fans Really Want a Boba Fett Movie?

With Solo: A Star Wars Story hitting theaters on Memorial Day weekend, some of the biggest news in regards to Star Wars has less to do with Han Solo and more to do with one of his biggest enemies. Solo has been met with mostly solid reviews from fans and critics alike, creating a fun heist movie that opens the door to a sequel or other spinoff ideas.

But one character that doesn’t appear in Solo is the bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Despite that, it appears that Lucasfilm is planning on going forward with the long-rumored movie based around one of Star Wars‘ most debated characters. But do fans really want a Boba Fett movie? There’s an argument to be made that there are existing characters most fans would rather see explored on the big screen.

Let’s look at some of Fett’s history, what the movie could be about (page 5), and anthology movies that fans would rather see (pages 6-9). Some spoilers for Solo are ahead!

Boba Fett has a cult following

Boba Fett aiming his weapon.

Boba Fett | Lucasfilm

There are plenty of Star Wars fans that are really into Boba Fett. Although the thought is that he first showed up in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, the true diehard will know that Fett’s first appearance actually came in a cartoon sketch during the Star Wars Holiday Special. But in Empire Strikes Back, fans took to Fett because of his cool armor, lack of regular speaking lines, and the way he tracked down and defeated the hero, Han Solo.

With the major cliffhanger at the end of the movie, you just knew that Fett had to return in the final chapter of the original Star Wars trilogy. While the main story pitted Luke against Darth Vader, now revealed to be his father, getting Han back from Boba Fett featured an interesting subplot. But it didn’t go as many expected.

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He went out in a really dumb way

Fans want a new and memorable ending for Fett. | Lucasfilm

The first act of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi is one of the better things about the movie. Rescuing Han from Jabba the Hutt gets all of our heroes back together in a way that they really weren’t ever during Empire Strikes Back, barring a few brief moments at the beginning. But there was one major problem, according to many Star Wars fans. Boba Fett was killed off quickly, thanks to a jetpack malfunction.

As Fett attempted to line up a shot on Luke Skywalker, the temporarily blind Han Solo flung around quickly and smacked the bounty hunter in the back. That set off his jetpack, when launched Fett right into the open mouth of the Sarlacc. It was an unceremonious end for everyone’s favorite new bad guy. But ever since the movie first hit theaters in 1983, there have been rumors that Fett somehow survived that day.

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There are hints that he survived

Boba Felt holding the helmet.

His story can go in different directions. | Lucasfilm

Before Disney bought Lucasfilm, the majority of the novels written about Star Wars were considered to be a part of the official canon – meaning everything was true. That is, until George Lucas decided that it wasn’t. But one story featured Fett blasting his way out of the belly of the Sarlacc, surviving to have more adventures. He even fell back into the Pit of Carkoon once more. All of that was changed, however, when Disney threw out the novels and declared them non-canon.

There are hints in the new canon, however, that Fett survived his brush with the Sarlacc. Here is what the Star Wars: Aftermath novel says on the topic.

From the box, he withdraws a helmet. Pitted and pocked, as if with some kind of acid. But still– he raps his knuckles on it . The Mandalorians knew how to make armor, didn’t they? “Look at this,” he says, holding it up. “Mandalorian battle armor. Whole box. Complete set, by the looks of it. Been through hell and back. I think my boss will appreciate this.”

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We’ve already seen Fett’s backstory

Darth Vader talking to Boba Fett.

We know a little bit about Fett’s history. | Lucasfilm

When Lucas went about putting together the prequel trilogy, he focused a part of his second movie, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, around a young Boba Fett. The idea of giving the fans more of a beloved character was right on point, but the execution was bad. Much like nobody really wanted to see an 8-year-old Darth Vader in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, nobody wanted to see Boba Fett in the same way.

What we learned was valuable, nonetheless. We know that Boba is actually a direct clone of his “father,” Jango Fett. The clone army created for the Republic were created from Jango, meaning that Boba would share DNA with the original Stormtroopers. Boba also witnessed Jedi Master Mace Windu murdering his father, but that was the last we saw of the character in the prequels.

Fett appeared again in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, attempting to kill Windu and becoming a bounty hunter running alongside Bossk (the lizard-man bounty hunter from Empire Strikes Back) and Aurra Sing (a character briefly mentioned in Solo: A Star Wars Story).

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What would it be about?

A close up of young Boba Fett.

A young Boba Fett | LucasFilm

Much of Fett’s early life is covered by his appearance in Attack of the Clones and Clone Wars. The comics — which are also canon — detail an interesting story in which Darth Vader first uses Fett to track down the young Rebel pilot that blew up the Death Star. Although Luke Skywalker is able to evade Fett’s capture, it’s through this story that Vader learns he has a son. Later, we know that Vader goes back to Fett when he needs bounty hunters to track the Millennium Falcon.

There is plenty of time between Clone Wars and Fett’s first appearance in the original trilogy timeline that is worth exploration. It has been rumored in the past that the Boba Fett movie might be more of an ensemble bounty hunter movie than anything. However, another interesting idea might be focusing on what happened to Fett following Return of the Jedi.

Disney hasn’t been afraid to merge the Star Wars movie universe with that of the canon comics, novels, and TV shows. There is no greater example of this than Darth Maul’s surprise cameo in Solo. This mostly untouched timeline makes doing a movie on Fett wide open for new plot points and character cameos.

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Kenobi: A Star Wars Story

Closeup of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Ewan McGregor could return as Obi-Wan Kenobi | Broadgreen Pictures

Another heavily rumored anthology film is one based around Obi-Wan Kenobi, but no official announcement has come as of yet. Ewan McGregor played the character in the prequels, and by most accounts did an excellent job recreating a young Alec Guinness while still making the character his own. McGregor has expressed an interest in returning to the franchise to play an older Kenobi, and it’s a story that the majority of Star Wars fans really want to see.

There is currently a 20-year period while Kenobi was living on Tatooine that is practically untouched in official Star Wars canon. Although it wouldn’t make sense for such bad guys as Vader, Maul, or the Emperor to make an appearance, other familiar characters – such as Jabba or even Boba Fett – would make sense to be a part of the story.

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Vader: A Star Wars Story

Darth Vader in Star Wars: Rebels

Darth Vader in Star Wars: Rebels | Disney XD

He didn’t have a whole lot of screentime in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but Darth Vader was the unanimous choice as the absolute best part of the movie. In the final minutes, we saw Vader mow down a hallway full of Rebel soldiers with his lightsaber before watching as Princess Leia’s Tantive IV got away with the Death Star plans. Ever since, many fans have wondered how exciting a Vader movie might be.

There are several arguments against doing this, of course. From Lucasfilm’s standpoint, the entire prequel trilogy and several novels and comic books have been dedicated to the Darth Vader story. But there is still a whole lot we don’t know, and more Vader on the big screen couldn’t possibly be a bad thing. The downside is that voice actor James Earl Jones is already 87 years old, so they don’t have a lot of time if they want to get this done.

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Maul: A Star Wars Story

A close-up on Darth Maul's face.

Darth Maul | Disney XD

Despite having been brought back from the dead in Clone Wars, there was a time when it seemed nearly impossible to bring Darth Maul back to the big screen. His cameo as the real bad guy behind the Crimson Dawn in Solo changed all of that, and now fans are really wanting Disney to go further. It’s time for Maul: A Star Wars Story.

The executives at Disney and Lucasfilm have remained fairly tight-lipped on this, given that Solo hasn’t been in theaters all that long and the need to preserve the biggest surprise. We don’t yet know where they intend to take Maul’s story on the big screen, whether it be an anthology film of his own, a Solo sequel, or nothing at all. After all, much of his story was told on Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. That said, please give us a Darth Maul movie.

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Ahsoka: A Star Wars Story

Ahsoka Tano holds a long white stick in the Rebels finale

Ahsoka Tano in the Rebels finale | Disney XD

If there is only one thing the Darth Maul cameo in Solo does, it’s tying together the movie universe and the overall, official Star Wars canon. Even if we never get another movie featuring Maul, it no longer seems out of the question for another popular Clone Wars or Rebels character to get their own movie. How about Ahsoka: A Star Wars Story?

Ahsoka Tano was Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice in Clone Wars, but eventually left the Jedi Order following events that made her lose faith in leadership. She appeared again in Rebels, having her own lightsaber battle with Darth Vader. It’s revealed in the Rebels finale that Ahsoka survived all the way to the end of the original trilogy, so there is plenty to explore about this popular character. Bring her to the big screen, please.

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