‘Star Wars’ Rankings: The 10 Most Powerful Sith Lords in the Entire Saga

With the latest Star Wars film recently hitting theaters, we thought you should probably familiarize yourself with some of the Star Wars canon. We have compiled our list of the Stars Wars universe’s most powerful Sith lords in the galaxy. Here are our top 10 lords, both in the old expanded universe, and the new canonical stories from Disney.

10. Freedon Nadd

Comic book depiction of Freedon Nadd

Freedon Nadd | Dark Horse Comics

Freedon Nadd was a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic turned Sith lord. His conscious decision to turn to the Dark Side left repercussions for centuries to come. Freedon Nadd eventually became a Dark Lord of the Sith, and upon his death, his tomb became a focal point of dark energy. This allowed him to pass on Sith power for generations to come.

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