‘Star Wars Rebels’: Why It Failed to Measure Up in Season 3

1. The filler. So. Much. Filler.

Star Wars Rebels Season 3

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 | Disney XD

The basic format for Rebels throughout its three seasons has been to front and backload the series. What that ends up doing is making the only truly compelling episodes the season premiere and finale, with a whole lot of boring in between. In past years, it’s worked well enough, with the show filling the interim episodes with interesting, high-stakes standalone stories, each of which has built out character development in its own way.

Season 3 though has subsequently fallen flat. The “in-between” episodes have largely featured the same basic plot: Our heroes get into trouble with the Empire, and then stage a daring escape. The end result has given the distinct feeling that Rebels is simply spinning its wheels until the finale, content to roll out subpar, vanilla episodes in the meantime.

And while you could point toward the fact that 22 minutes simply isn’t enough time to tell a well-rounded story, we saw Star Wars: The Clone Wars get around that obstacle with a series of multi-episode arcs, a strategy Rebels has failed to replicate.

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