‘Star Wars Rebels’: Why It Failed to Measure Up in Season 3

2. Thrawn has barely been a factor

admiral thrawn

Grand Admiral Thrawn | Disney XD

Season 3 of Rebels was billed as the triumphant return of a fan-favorite baddie, Grand Admiral Thrawn. In the old Expanded Universe (EU) novels, Thrawn was the primary villain for our post-Return of the Jedi protagonists. He was a master strategist, a formidable foe, and arguably an even more effective military commander than anyone we saw in the original trilogy. With that all in mind, he seemed primed for a sizable role in Rebels this season. What we’ve gotten instead is a small handful of appearances where he’s mainly kept to the background.

Of course he’s likely to play a larger role in later episodes, but if you’re going to make him a central part of the early advertising for the season, you’d best be sure you utilize him accordingly. To boot, even when we have seen him, he’s been far from the cunning military genius he’s painted as in the EU novels, with our heroes slipping through his grasp at virtually every turn.

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