‘Star Wars’ Signals: Disney Teases Third Anthology Movie and More

Welcome to our weekly Star Wars roundup! With Disney ramping up the franchise on all cylinders, there’s tons of exciting stuff in the way of news, rumors, and clips. We’ve picked out the best Star Wars stories the internet has to offer, bringing you everything you need to know about the world’s favorite sci-fi series.

1. Star Wars: Battlefront officially releases Death Star DLC

Star Wars: Battlefront players have been waiting a long time for the release of the game’s third DLC, plunging fans straight into the fearsome Death Star. Season Pass owners gained access earlier this week, and early reviews seem largely positive. Both Chewbacca and the bounty hunter, Bossk were added to the game, while DICE significantly tweaked parts of the gameplay, balancing the various flying units, and taking away the controversial helmetless Stormtrooper skin.

The one knock: There are only three game modes currently available, and two of them are largely flying missions. Still though, there’s a lot to be excited for as Battlefront continues to roll out exciting new content.

2. Disney CEO Bob Iger cites plans for third Anthology movie in 2020

Stormtroopers in Rogue One

Stormtroopers in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Lucasfilm

Disney hasn’t been shy in recent years in mapping out long-term plans for both Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). For the former, it’s unclear where things are headed after the new trilogy wraps up in 2019, but thanks to CEO Bob Iger, we have our first major clue.

In an interview with Variety, Iger admitted that Lucasfilm has officially found a writer for a yet-to-be-revealed spinoff debuting in 2020. It would mark the third entry in the Anthology series that kicks off this year with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Where it’ll head after that is a mystery, but given the theories surrounding a potential “forever franchise,” you can bet we’ll be seeing at least one Star Wars movie a year for the foreseeable future.

3. Marvel commissions Darth Vader writer for new secret Star Wars comic series

Vader Down Comic from Marvel - Darth Vader

Star Wars: Vader Down | Marvel Comics

Of all the new Star Wars comics released by Marvel over the last two years, the Darth Vader series is the one that truly stands above the rest. Writer Kieron Gillen and artist Kev Walker give us a series of stories that highlight a brutal, ruthless version of Vader that kicks ass, takes names, and is a downright force of nature. Gillen and Walker will be returning to the fold following the completion of the Darth Vader series later this year, having been tagged to spearhead a new series known for now as Star Wars Classified. That title will of course change once the main character is revealed, with predominant theories guessing at some sort of tie-in to Rogue One (the comic releases in the same month as the film, so it follows logically). Perhaps a Jyn Erso series is on the horizon? We can only hope.

4. Toy companies are finally learning their lesson about female heroes with Jyn Erso and Rogue One

Jyn Erso toy from Rogue One

Jyn Erso in toy form | Tech Insider

Toy makers have found themselves in hot water in recent years. First, we saw a massive backlash against Hasbro after failing to include Black Widow in their line of toys following the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Behind the scenes rumblings painted a concerted effort on the part of executives, who were rumored to doubt the marketability of female toys. History repeated itself mere months later when the first line of action figures for Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit shelves. Conspicuously absent was The Force Awakens‘s main hero, Rey, and we once again heard the same flimsy “we thought girl toys wouldn’t sell” excuse.

For Rogue One, we finally might be seeing some progress. Advertising Age dug in and spoke with a collection of consultants and marketers, all of whom delivered the same message: that they’ve learned from their mistakes. “Hasbro is putting Jyn [Erso] front and center in its toy mix,” the article claims, going on to note how “she’ll be included in the manufacturer’s ‘Go Rogue’ series, a playset, Nerf blaster, and multiple figurines.”

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