‘Star Wars’ Signals: DJs Team Up for ‘Star Wars’ Album and More

Welcome to our weekly Star Wars roundup! With Disney ramping up the franchise on all cylinders, there’s tons of exciting stuff in the way of news, rumors, and clips. We’ve picked out the best Star Wars stories the Internet has to offer, bringing you everything you need to know about the world’s favorite sci-fi series.

1. EDM’s biggest DJs team up for Star Wars-themed album

With John Williams at the helm, the music of Star Wars has been an iconic part of the franchise since the very first movie. The modern generation of music will be keeping with that tradition, in the form of a full-on EDM album. Dance music luminaries like Kaskade, Claude VonStroke, and Röyksopp are lending their considerable creative talents to a project that we can’t help but be excited for. Columbia Records head Rick Rubin sits at the helm as executive producer, giving us an album that stretches the boundaries of the Star Wars universe even further than the movies.

2. Episode VIII begins principal photography

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

We’re still a long ways off from the much-anticipated release of Episode VIII, but that hasn’t slowed down any of the hype. Even a seven-month delay hasn’t managed to put a damper on the speculation surrounding the production, and we’re likely to see a flood information start pouring in soon. Entertainment Weekly sat down with Disney CEO Bob Iger, officially announcing the beginning of principal photography (originally scheduled for September of 2015). The interview also includes some solid info about Episode IX and Rogue One for anyone not feeling entirely satiated by Episode VIII news.

3. The Force Awakens hits another massive milestone at the box office

Peter Mayhew and Harrison Ford in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Source: Lucasfilm

It’s no huge shock that The Force Awakens made an absolute killing at the box office in late 2015/early 2016. The bigger surprise though is that it’s still a long ways off from breaking the all-time record still held by James Cameron’s Avatar. Even if it won’t be the highest grossing movie of all time, it’s not without its own major milestones. It currently holds the record for biggest domestic gross, and over the weekend, it hit $2 billion for its worldwide totalThe Force Awakens now sits just a step behind Titanic for the No. 2 spot on the all-time list, a mark its sure to eclipse in its final days in theaters.

4. Hard data on the expanded Star Wars universe

Star Wars data - Kirell Benzi

Source: KirellBenzi.com

Most Star Wars fans are familiar with Wookieepedia, the online guide to every character, vehicle, and story in the entire franchise. One ambitious fan took it upon himself to dig into the site to pull out some intriguing data on expanded universe, providing us with a whole host of information. According to the study from KirellBenzi.com, there are over 20,000 characters in the Star Wars universe, humans represent 78% of the population, and the timeline for the saga spans a whopping 36,000 years. You can check out the entire study here for all the juicy details.

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