‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’: What That New Image of Rey and Kylo Ren Could Mean

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi just around the corner, Disney has been teasing us with new television promos and stories in various magazines that give little hints about what we might be seeing when the film finally enters theaters on Dec. 15. The most recent tease for The Last Jedi comes via Entertainment Weekly and writer Anthony Breznican, with several new images that have us drooling.

We took a look at these new images and what they could mean, including one particularly interesting peek at a big moment with Rey and Kylo Ren.

Luke on the Millennium Falcon

Luke Skywalker in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon

Luke Skywalker in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon | Lucasfilm via Entertainment Weekly

A recent TV spot titled “Awake” featured the very first glimpses of Luke Skywalker stepping into the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon and turning on the lights. It’s an emotional moment that only gets more and more haunting the longer you let your mind drift back. It was here that Luke, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Chewbacca first came upon the Death Star back in Star Wars: A New Hope.

It wasn’t just fans sitting at home that got chills from this revelation, either. Director Rian Johnson described in EW how it felt watching Mark Hamill go through that moment on his monitor. “God, I remember so vividly getting that shot of him turning on the lights in the Falcon cockpit,” Johnson says. “And we all kind of looked at each other, just like, ‘Oh my God.’ There’s a lot of melancholy…You know, that ship is just filled with ghosts for Luke.”

We have yet to see any teases that hint at Luke Skywalker actually leaving Ahch-To, but it would be pretty sweet to see him back in an X-wing or flying in the Falcon again.

BB-8 with Finn and Rose

Finn, Rose, and BB-8 at Canto Bight

Finn, Rose, and BB-8 at Canto Bight | Lucasfilm via Entertainment Weekly

Previously, we knew that Finn was with Rose — a new character working with the Resistance — at the casino city, Canto Bight. It’s there that the two will track down Benicio Del Toro’s mystery character, DJ. But the new images also tease that BB-8 will be with Finn and Rose at Canto Bight, as well. Does that mean Poe will be there?

That last question is still unknown. In the image, you’ll notice that Rose is wearing some sort of jumpsuit while Finn still has Poe’s jacket from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In previous images taken from their time at Canto Bight, we saw Finn and Rose decked out in First Order garb. So while we don’t know exactly how things will shake out at the casino city, we can start to piece together some of the events.

Poe, Leia, and Amilyn Holdo

Poe Dameron speaks with General Leia

Poe Dameron speaks with General Leia | Lucasfilm via Entertainment Weekly

This image of Poe Dameron with General Leia seemingly comes from a scene in which Poe says, “Permission to jump in an X-wing and blow something up?” To which Leia responds, “Permission granted.” It’s all part of yet another very cool teaser titled “Darkness Rises.”

Poe is going to have an interesting role in this movie. Leia sees the future of the Resistance in him, and we already know that he’s one helluva pilot. But there is another key figure that is entering the fray, and that’s Laura Dern’s Vice Admiral Holdo. Part of the plot of The Last Jedi as it pertains to Poe will be his allegiance to Leia over Holdo, who may have different views on how to take down the First Order.

Of course, Holdo also has an allegiance to Leia. We learned in Claudia Gray’s novel Leia: Princess of Alderaan that the two women have known each other and have been friends since they were teenagers. How the power structure of the Resistance evolves in The Last Jedi will be something to watch closely.

Luke watches over Rey

Luke Skywalker watches Rey train

Luke Skywalker watches Rey train | Lucasfilm via Entertainment Weekly

This is an interesting new angle where we see Rey practicing with the lightsaber from Luke’s point of view. What EW writes about this moment is really the most noteworthy part, which is that Luke is a “broken warrior” who sees dread in his new student, rather than a new hope.

There has been plenty of speculation about what has happened to Luke over the years that has turned him from a fiercely powerful, borderline legendary figure to a reclusive old man, afraid to come out and face the reality of the galaxy. Sure, there is Kylo Ren turning against him and destroying the Jedi Academy. But what new revelations has Luke found that makes him so wary of training another Jedi? Why must the Jedi end?

The teasers, artwork, and commentary leading up to the movie has been released masterfully by Disney, keeping everyone in suspense.

Luke and Leia reunited?

Carrie Fisher as Leia

Carrie Fisher as Leia | Lucasfilm

One of the covers for EW features Luke Skwalker and his twin sister Leia together. But will the two appear on screen together for the first time since the final moments of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi? Fans are certainly hoping so, given that this will be the late Carrie Fisher’s final film.

Back in August, John Boyega (Finn) seemed to hint in some comments to The Hollywood Reporter that the two iconic characters may get some time on screen together. “I think the sendoff is really cool. Even before she passed away, I’d see her in scenes and be like, ‘This is really cool for both Carrie and Mark,’ who are the last two original leads [alive in the franchise].”

“I felt like they deserve more and more — they’ve been doing this for a while and have been the beating heart of something special, and I just feel like [The Last Jedi] pays homage to them in general,” he said. “But unfortunately, now that she’s passed, it does have a deeper meaning.”

Those comments aren’t exactly confirmation that it will happen, but the amount of secrecy around the topic leads us to believe that we will get Luke and Leia together one final time.

Rey and Kylo Ren

Rey in Snoke's Throne Room

Rey in Snoke’s Throne Room | Lucasfilm via Entertainment Weekly

This is the big one. From the outfit she’s wearing, it’s clear that Rey is in Supreme Leader Snoke’s Throne Room right before he does whatever it is that makes her scream out in pain near the end of the trailer. From this angle, it appears that Rey is looking on toward Snoke with Kylo Ren visible in the background. Did Rey give herself up to Kylo, who brought her to Snoke?

With the knowledge that Kylo Ren is in the room, there is plenty of space for theories. Right before his death, Han warned his son that Snoke was using him and would discard him whenever he no longer needed him. Now that he has Rey, it’s possible that Snoke could turn on Kylo in this moment. Or, it could be that the apprentice turns on the master once he sees what happens to Rey.

The crystal foxes

The crystal foxes of Crait

The crystal foxes of Crait | Lucasfilm via Entertainment Weekly

Again courtesy of EW and writer Anthony Breznican, we get a clear look at the crystal foxes from the planet Crait. While this is the first time that Crait will be seen on the big screen, it’s not entirely new to the Star Wars universe as The Last Jedi arrives in theaters. It’s established in Leia: Princess of Alderaan that one of the earliest Rebel bases was on Crait, and Leia returns to the planet with Luke during the Marvel comic series Storms of Crait.

It’s a heavily salted planet that seems completely inhospitable for life, and yet the foxes thrive there. Here is what Breznican writes about them.

These inhabitants of the mineral-rich world of Crait run across the salt flats and burrow deep within the crevasses of this former hideout for the Rebel Alliance, which in galactic lore dates back to the events of the original trilogy. In the decades since, they have come to roam free through these abandoned structures. The vulptices stand as proof that even the most inhospitable worlds cans harbor life.

It’s unclear whether they’ll play a major role in The Last Jedi, but either way, the foxes are visually stunning and a cool addition to Star Wars.

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