‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ Trailer: Are Rey and Kylo Going to End Up Together?

Star Wars has been called a space opera for a reason. The series tends to lean towards the operatic. Shocking familial connections, larger-than-life performances, and complicated love triangles all regularly come to the forefront. So, of course, the sequel trilogy is toying with a romance between its hero and villain.

In The Force Awakens, fans latched onto undeniable chemistry between Daisy Ridley’s Rey and Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren. Thus, the “Reylo” shippers were born. And now, they’ve become more powerful than we could have possibly imagined.

Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley arriving at Belfast International Airport
Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley arriving at Belfast International Airport | Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

A strong connection in the Force

In The Force Awakens, the link between Rey and Kylo felt like it had more to do with circumstance than anything else. But The Last Jedi doubled down on the notion that they are connected. Snoke (Andy Serkis) linked them through the Force, leading to a series of shared visions that drew them even closer to one another.

In their scenes together in that film, Rey and Kylo develop a greater understanding of each other. Moreover, they become motivated to persuade each other to join their respective sides in the Resistance/First Order conflict. Their connection deepens and even begins to take on a bit of a romantic edge.

Philosophically, what makes these two such an interesting dynamic is specifically how they relate to the Force. Rey is a hero with a bit of dark in her, and Kylo is a villain who still feels that lingering pull toward the light. Together, they completely balance each other out, as their battle against the Praetorian Guards demonstrates.

Whether their bond becomes romantic or not, the connection between them is crystal clear.

That ‘Reylo’ moment in the ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ trailer

“Reylo” shippers got a new reason to hope that the sequel trilogy’s hero and villain will put their differences aside with the new trailer. The footage begins with introductions to each of the trilogy’s heroes. For her part, Rey says that — while people think they know her — no one truly does.

But Kylo does. Or, at least, he claims to. Building off of their deeper understanding of each other from The Last Jedi, he’s somewhat right. He understands her past and emotional complexity moreso than Finn (John Boyega) or anyone in the Resistance. As such, the Rey/Kylo dynamic is the most fascinating one since Luke/Vader.

Both characters know what the other is capable of, leaving fans completely oblivious as to where The Rise of Skywalker will leave them. When the moment comes, will Rey or Kylo be able to destroy the other? Then again, this final installment in the Skywalker saga may see the pair unite to focus on a larger threat.

Will Rey help Kylo Ren achieve redemption?

While a good deal of the marketing focuses on Rey and Kylo’s watery lightsaber duel, the trailer features another curious “Reylo” moment. Of course, we’re talking about the one in which the duo unite to smash, well, something. It may not be conclusive, but this does hint that Rey and Kylo will engage in another tentative alliance in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Couple that moment with the re-emergence of Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid), and the stage may be set for Kylo’s redemption. As Supreme Leader, Kylo is determined to destroy the Resistance. Yet, Palpatine likely has something much worse in mind. The Sith Lord’s dialogue that his enemies’ “coming together will be (their) undoing” may refer specifically to a Rey/Kylo team-up.

Since the sequel trilogy has consistently paid homage to the original trilogy, Kylo could very well redeem himself. After all, his grandfather managed to do just that in order to defeat Palpatine in Return of the Jedi. Even if Kylo doesn’t perish in the process, such a move will neatly build off of his parentage, his inner conflict, and yes, his relationship to Rey.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters on December 20. Tickets are on sale now.