‘Star Wars’: What We Hope the New TV Shows Will Be About

Disney CEO Bob Iger surprised Star Wars fans in February by revealing that there are “a few” Star Wars TV shows in development. Never has Lucasfilm produced more than one Star Wars TV show at once. But soon, there will be two and possibly even more running at the same time.

So what will these shows be about? Nobody really knows, although it’s rumored that the title of one will be Star Wars Resistance. It also seems that Disney is planning to make one animated show and one live action show.

With a rich galaxy far, far away to explore, there are plenty of options for storylines. These are some of the ideas we’d love to see Disney use for their upcoming Star Wars shows.

1. Luke training his Jedi students

Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Force Awakens | LucasFilm

There’s a massive amount of story left to fill in between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, and one plot we’d love to see more of is Luke training the new generation of Jedi.

So far, all we’ve seen of this are the brief glimpses of Kylo Ren’s betrayal in The Last Jedi. But we know that Luke was training some unknown number of students in the years prior to The Force Awakens; it was Kylo’s turn that destroyed it all and forced Luke to go into exile.

We also know that Luke spent years looking for old Jedi artifacts and trying to find the first Jedi Temple on Ahch-To. The game Star Wars Battlefront II features a level in which a young Luke, accompanied by R2-D2, searches an old cave looking for a Jedi artifact. And the novelization of The Last Jedi tells us that R2 and Luke were going on missions like this for decades.

So this could basically be the show: Luke training Jedi, plus Luke, his students, and R2 going on missions together trying to learn more about Jedi history.

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2. A war show set between The Last Jedi and Episode IX

Ships fly at each other firing their lasers in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Lucasfilm

At the end of Attack of the Clones, a war broke out between the Republic and the Separatists. When we pick things up in Revenge of the Sith, the war is coming to a close, so most of it took place off-screen. Lucasfilm went on to depict the events of that war in the animated TV show, The Clone Wars.

Now, could history repeat itself? The Last Jedi, after all, ends with the war between the Resistance and the First Order just beginning. While we don’t know this for sure, fans theorize that Episode IX will pick up a few years later, with the war at its height. An animated TV show could, therefore, depict the years in between.

One upside to doing so would be that this would allow for more Leia. In the movies, she is likely going to die between films due to the real-life death of Carrie Fisher. But if there’s a show that takes place during this gap, Leia could be in it as a protagonist, and she could even have the final scene with Kylo Ren we all expected to see in Episode IX. The series finale could even depict Leia’s death.

This way, Lucasfilm actually has an opportunity to wrap up her arc in a satisfying fashion. It’s just that they’d be doing so in a different medium than they originally planned.

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3. A political thriller focusing on Leia and the Galactic Senate

Princess Leia - Bloodline Novel

Bloodline | Del Rey

After the prequels were so bogged down with galactic politics and trade disputes, Lucasfilm went really far in the opposite direction for the sequel trilogy. In The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, we barely get any sense of what the Republic is like, what its relationship is with the Resistance, or what effect the destruction of Hosnian Prime had on the galaxy at large.

That’s the kind of thing a TV show could focus on. It could basically be like The West Wing but for Star Wars, focusing on the Senate in the years prior to the rise of the First Order. We got a taste of that in novel Bloodline, which revolves around Senator Leia Organa; in that novel, the political turmoil between the Populists and the Centrists is actually really compelling.

The show could also explore a few other ideas that fans were left wondering about in the movies, such as how the First Order rose to power and how the Resistance began to form. Bloodline goes into that a bit, but the TV show could expand on it further. Like our previous idea, if it’s animated, this would also give us more Leia, which we’ll be sorely missing in the films themselves.

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4. An anthology show set all throughout the timeline

Stormtroopers looking off into the distance, in front of a red banner bearing their logo

The First Order as seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens | Lucasfilm

Must Lucasfilm pick just one storyline for their next show? Why not make one of them an anthology set all throughout the timeline, telling all kinds of stories?

Lucasfilm already sort of played with this idea with The Clone Wars; each season usually consisted of a combination of standalone episodes and longer arcs that could basically be watched on their own. This new series could be the same way, except the arcs would be totally unrelated to one another. One week, we’re on an adventure in the prequel era, and the next week, we’re in the sequel era.

Before the Disney purchase, Lucasfilm was already working on a show called Star Wars: Underworld. It sounded like that might have been sort of like an anthology, since it would tell a wide variety of stories, such as the ones that would eventually be turned into the films Rogue One and Solo. But that series would have been specifically set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. We just got Rebels, so we don’t need a whole new show that takes place in that time period.

Instead, this show could be a series of stories set all throughout the timeline, filling in a bunch of gaps and allowing viewers to constantly tune in and out without missing much connective tissue.

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5. A show depicting the immediate aftermath of Return of the Jedi

Star Wars: Life Debt novel

Star Wars: Aftermath | Del Rey Press

Going back to the novels, another great series of Star Wars books has been the Aftermath trilogy, which depicts the last days of the Empire following Return of the Jedi. Killing the Emperor was hardly the end, and it took more time for the Empire to be fully destroyed.

Like in the books, this show could depict some of the last battles in the war, as well as the political infighting between members of the Empire struggling for power. It could also take us on some adventures throughout the galaxy as our heroes attempt to capture Imperials and put them on trial.

There are so many possibilities to explore in this time period, and the three books only had time for so much. So this show could fill in additional details, as well as depict some of the books’ best sequences on screen. The show could also continue where the last Aftermath book left off since there’s still about 29 years between the end of that book and the beginning of The Force Awakens.

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6. A show taking place in the Old Republic

Knights of the Old Republic

Knights of the Old Republic | Lucasfilm

One of the most widely requested ideas for a Star Wars show is one set in the Old Republic. This is the era that exists thousands of years before the events of the movies, when the Republic first organized itself on Coruscant and when the Sith first emerged as a threat to the galaxy.

In the old expanded universe, this period of time was depicted fairly extensively, especially in the game Knights of the Old Republic. But none of that is canon anymore. Now, most of what we know about the Old Republic comes from a few episodes of The Clone Wars. There are thousands of years of history that could be explored in an action-packed show full of battles between Jedi and Sith. With a high enough budget, this could be the live action series.

It seems inevitable that Lucasfilm will get around to doing more with the Old Republic at some point. The only question is whether that will be in a show, or whether this might be what the films from the Game of Thrones creators will be about.

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7. A show set in the Unknown Regions

Rey and Chewie arrive to Ahch-To, which is in the Unknown Regions

Rey and Chewie arrive at Ahch-To, which is in the Unknown Regions. | Lucasfilm

One area of the Star Wars canon that has remained fairly mysterious is the Unknown Regions. This is an area of the galaxy beyond the Outer Rim that is uncharted and difficult to get to.

The new canon keeps bringing up the Unknown Regions and implying there’s some great significance to it. From the novels, we know that the Emperor spent years sending explorers into the Unknown Regions, partially because he sensed the existence of a strong Dark Side presence there. This area is also important because it’s where the remaining members of the Empire fled following the Battle of Jakku and where they formed the First Order. The theory among fans is that the mysterious Dark Side presence was Snoke, and the secret to how he rose to power in the First Order lies in the Unknown Regions.

That’s the kind of thing that could be explored in a new TV show; maybe all of these hints about the Unknown Regions were meant to set up the next show. But setting the series here would also give the creators a fairly blank slate to do whatever they want. We’ve only seen the Unknown Regions a few times —  Ahch-To is located there, for instance — so there would be a lot more freedom to create totally new worlds and situations, rather than needing to take us to the same planets and show us the same aliens we’ve been seeing for years.

If there are to be multiple Star Wars shows, hopefully, at least one of them forges a totally new path.

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