‘Star Wars:’ When Does the Finale of ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Premiere on Disney+?

The Mandalorian met a frog couple, a giant spider and its army, and one powerful Jedi. As his journey with the Child comes to an end, some fans are wondering how many episodes are left in this live-action Star Wars series. Will there be a season 3?

Here’s what we know about the last episode of The Mandalorian season 2 and what the future holds for this bounty hunter and The Child. 

There are 8 episodes in the first season of ‘The Mandalorian’

When Disney+ premiered, it included a number of original series’ and movies, including High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and the first episode of the first-ever live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian.

This introduced fans to the Star Wars universe right after the fall of the Empire, following the journey of one unnamed, masked bounty hunter. Each week after that, new “chapters” of this show debuted on the streaming platform. Season 1 of this award-winning production included eight episodes and the adorable, frog-loving Child.

“What I’m most proud of is that we surprised people,” series creator Jon Favreau said, according to Slashfilm. “You know how hard that is to do that nowadays? And what type of commitment it took from everybody who was on set and from the studio to hide all the clues that people, especially Star Wars fans, normally tap into?” 

Pedro Pascal and Gina Carano arrive at the premiere of Lucasfilm's first-ever, live-action series, 'The Mandalorian'
Pedro Pascal and Gina Carano arrive at the premiere of Lucasfilm’s first-ever, live-action series, ‘The Mandalorian’ | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

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There are 8 episodes in the second season of this ‘Star Wars’ series

After saving the Child from the hands of the Empire, our protagonist is tasked with returning it to its kind. That’s the Jedi, who for centuries fought with the Mandalorians. For this Child, though, it’s worth the journey. 

The first season 2 episode of The Mandalorian premiered during November 2020. About each Friday after that, new episodes dropped on the streaming platform. This second season, similar to the first one, holds eight “chapters,” each of them featuring the bounty hunter and the Child, nicknamed “Baby Yoda” by fans on the internet. 

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When does the finale of ‘The Mandalorian’ premiere on Disney+?

After plenty of adventures finding other Mandalorians and Jedis, this chapter comes to a close during December 2020. The Mandalorian season 2 finale premieres on Disney’s streaming platform Friday, Dec. 18. 

After that, fans will presumably have to wait about a year for new episodes of this Star Wars series. Favreau shared that they plan on resuming production on Season 3 “before the end of the year,” COVID-19 permitting. 

New episodes of The Mandalorian premiere on Disney+ on a weekly basis, joining other Star Wars television shows like The Clone Wars and movies from the sequel trilogy, trilogy, and prequel trilogy. To learn more about Disney’s streaming platform and to subscribe, visit their website.