‘Star Wars’: Who Really Saved Ben Solo?

The Force can explain away many of Star Wars most significant plot points. If someone comes back from the dead, it’s probably the Force. If someone has a psychic premonition, it’s probably the Force. No matter what happens in the Star Wars universe, The Force is probably part of the explanation.

However, when Ben Solo was saved in Episode IX, it might not have been the Force entirely. Fans on Reddit explained how this could be. 

Knowing what the Force entails

Even the most die-hard Star Wars fans might not have the easiest time explaining the Force to you. After all, its powers seem to change and expand with every passing movie.

What was once the Force when Lucas released the first film in the saga might have a different explanation. Furthermore, by introducing midi-chlorians in the prequel trilogy only to have that retconned in the sequels, this got further complicated. 

Another fact in this is the expanded universe. Although Disney effectively put an end to the expanded canon after rendering them obsolete upon their purchase, the expanded universe’s DNA remains. While the books, video games, toys, and other mediums may be part of a bygone era, their impact remains on the Disney era. 

The Star Wars films have never been afraid to expand on the Force’s powers or present them differently. For example, when Rey used the Force to contact Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi, she appeared to have a glimpse at him in ways that were never shown before.

All of this can be chopped up to the fact that they were both Jedis, however. Another central plot point might not be so easy to explain away. 

Who saved Kylo Ren?

Adam Driver
Adam Driver | Rachel Luna/WireImage

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Kylo Ren’s connection to the Force was never in question. After all, his mother is a Skywalker, and while she rarely showed her Jedi powers, her strength in the Force remains unquestionable. However, in the case of father Han Solo, the Force isn’t a factor. While Solo works alongside several Jedi, he’s never shown to have any supernatural powers. 

Despite this, fans on Reddit believe that Solo may have been behind one of Episode IX’s most iconic moments. In Episode IX, Ren is visited by the ghost of his father.

Previously, these types of ghosts were only Jedis. However, partially due to the untimely death of Carrie Fisher, Solo does so as a mere mortal. This further complicates his relationship with The Force. 

Speaking about what happened in Episode IX, it’s believed that Leia implies that there is something special about her and Solo’s gifts. She means that working together is the only thing that could save their son.

When Solo appears to him from the grave, it is, in many ways, Leia’s last-ditch effort to make sure that Han can get to their son.

Fans chime in on Ben Solo’s turn

Commenting on the way this works, Reddit user u/persistentInquiry explained why it makes sense both given Fisher’s death and how things were set up that Solo would be the one who saves his son. 

In my opinion, this is why it doesn’t make sense for Ben to see anyone but Han or Leia here. Anakin would be useless, as Anakin had nothing to do with Ben’s fall. Luke would be useless, as by his own admission in the last movie, he cannot save Ben. No, the only thing which makes sense here, given that Carrie unfortunately died, is to do an inversion of Han and Kylo’s meeting in TFA.

User u/galaxy-boi_02 expanded on this, stating that Solo’s humanity was precisely what turned Solo to the light. 

In the end what saved Ben was not the strength, power, and might of the Skywalker lineage. It was the heart of his father, a Solo. 

These types of debates make Star Wars different from nearly any other film franchise on the planet. Furthermore, it shows the power of a well-crafted universe, too.

No one knows when and if the story will continue after Episode IX, but while the film was far from perfect, it might have introduced some human-based magic into a franchise that previously ignored it.