‘Star Wars’: Will The Mandalorian Cross Paths With Luke Skywalker? Some Fans Hope Not

With Season 2 of The Mandalorian in full swing, Star Wars fans are itching to see what kind of surprises, twists, and turns the show can introduce with each new episode. Last year saw the introduction of The Child, a character who is the same species as Yoda. This season saw the reintroduction of the bounty hunter Boba Fett. 

It’s natural for Star Wars fans to speculate about which characters may or may not return. One group of online fans discussed whether Luke Skywalker would make an appearance on the show. There’s a sizable contingent of them that hopes that doesn’t happen. 

Why ‘The Mandalorian’ has been so successful

Mark Hamill
Mark Hamill | Rich Fury/Getty Images

One of the biggest reasons for the success of The Mandalorian is that it draws on many of the elements that made Star Wars successful. It features many of the same backdrops and background characters. There are stormtroopers and Jawas.

There are blaster noises and even one (so far) lightsaber. This gives fans the feeling of being back in the same world as their favorite films — the original trilogy. 

That said, what really makes the show stand out is that it uses these components of the beloved films to create something new that stands on its own merits. The Mandalorian doesn’t tie to the Skywalker saga at all hardly (except for one bounty hunter who crossed paths with the Skywalkers on multiple occasions). 

The Mandalorian is the best of both worlds. It feels like Star Wars without feeling like a retread. Fans seem to like that not too many characters from the original series have popped up, allowing this franchise within a franchise to establish its own mythology. 

Where is Luke Skywalker during the events of ‘The Mandalorian?’

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Despite not tying into the Skywalker saga, it’s natural to wonder what some original trilogy characters are up to while this series is underway. It’s unclear exactly what Luke is up to while this show is going on.

We know it’s set about five years after Return of the Jedi, so he’s likely in the middle of setting up a new Jedi order mentioned in the sequel trilogy. Ben Solo has already been born, but is only young. His turn to the dark side is years away. 

Luke’s story with his father, at this point, is complete. He and his friends helped defeat the evil Empire, so while the galaxy may still struggle with who is running things, Luke’s time as a warrior is likely paused at this point. He’s a hero without much of a cause. 

So will he show up on The Mandalorian? Some fans hope not. 

Why Mando and Luke Skywalker will (likely) never meet

Star Wars fans took to Reddit to debate whether Luke showing up in The Mandalorian would be a good idea or not. The overwhelming majority didn’t favor it. One fan said it best: 

“I hope not. The Mandalorian is good because it’s one of the only things in the new Canon truly independent from the Skywalker Saga. I would prefer it stay that way.”

There are two major reasons why a Mando-Luke crossover wouldn’t make a lot of sense. For one, Mark Hamill has aged considerably. During the time in which the show is set, Luke is still relatively young. Disney would have two options for a Luke reappearance: using CGI to make Hamill appear younger or recasting.

It’s hard to imagine the CGI option being popular as it would be very obvious. Recasting would be similarly blasphemous, as few actors are as closely tied to their character as Hamill is to Luke. 

The Mandalorian is great because it draws on old Star Wars lore to build something new. Bringing back Luke would only tie it back to what came before.