Stassie Karanikolaou’s Diamond Ring From Kylie Jenner May Be the Most Expensive ‘BBF Gift’ Ever

Most girls take their BFF out to lunch if they want to express gratitude. There may be a gift involved, like a nice book or a gift card. Not many ladies spend thousands on their BFF.

Kylie Jenner is not like most ladies. She went completely all out for her friend Stassie Karanikolaou’s 22nd birthday. To top things off, Jenner has gifted Karanikolaou an expensive ring.

Jenner threw her BFF a party for her birthday in June, and Karanikolaou is showing off an expensive diamond pinky ring. Both of these lavish gifts have fans and critics talking.

Kylie Jenner’s gift was expensive 

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Game night

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Karanikolaou showed off the ring on social media. She and BFF Jenner were in Jenner’s private box watching a basketball game. In the post, Karanikolaou wiggles her pinky finger, which is bedecked with a silver band with one massive diamond on it.

She then pans the camera up to Jenner, who winks. The text over the post reads: “@KylieJenner you shouldn’t have.”

So how much did this rock cost? Jenner obviously hasn’t said, it would be a little tacky to reveal the price of a gift. We do know that a diamond so big you could trip over it can’t come cheap. It’s possible Jenner is feeling extra generous considering her recent windfall. She recently sold 51 percent of Kylie Cosmetics for $600 million.

The rock wasn’t Kylie Jenner’s only gift 

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lunch with a view

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Jenner also threw an extravagant party for Karanikolaou back in June. Although the festivities lasted an entire weekend, part of the fun included a costume party. The theme was Handmaids Talewhich was disturbing to some.

Considering the show is basically about a dystopian world where a subservient class of women is forced to carry wealthy people’s children, many felt that it was a poor choice for a costume party.

Jenner and Karanikolaou dressed up as handmaids, while the servers were dressed in ‘Martha’ costumes. The Marthas are an infertile servant class of women on the show. The handmaids are also subservient, but unlike the Marthas, they are fertile. Therefore forced to bear children for the wealthy after a ceremony where they are raped.

Fans argued over whether or not Jenner was just insensitive, or if she missed the point of the show entirely. Either way, if the world in The Handmaids Tale were real, Kylie would certainly not be a handmaid or a subservient woman. She’s a billionaire, after all.  

Aside from that controversial costume party, the weekend seemed quite fun. There were a pool party and bottle service.

Kylie Jenner may be missing her last BFF 

Kylie Jenner
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While all this is sweet, fans can’t help but wonder what to make of all the attention Jenner is showering on Karanikolaou. Jenner recently broke up with her boyfriend. She and Travis Scott called it quits earlier this year, and it’s possible that Karanikolaou was there for Jenner during her breakup. This may be Jenner’s way of saying thank you.

It’s also interesting that Jenner is showering gifts on Karanikolaou after what happened with Jordyn Woods. Woods was Jenner’s best friend up until earlier this year when she was caught in a love triangle with Jenner’s sister: Khloe Kardashian.

Although we’re not sure if she ever gave her a diamond ring, it seems like Jenner was generous with Woods also. Her friend and fellow model was actually living in Jenner’s house when the scandal broke.

Jenner and Kardashian were highly criticized for how they treated Woods after the incident. Kardashian was especially vicious, and some fans thought that her rage should have been directed at Thompson, her boyfriend.

Jenner has found a lot of professional success despite an emotionally difficult year. Now, it seems like she’s thankful that her new BFF helped her through.