Stephanie Pratt Speaks Out On Relationship Ahead Of ‘The Hills’ Reboot

The Hills is back! Well…not quite yet. It will be back next year and with it a bunch of familiar faces. While some of the original casts members are steering clear of the show (looking at you Lo Bosworth), others are “looking forward” to the reunion. Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, Justin Bobby, Frankie Delgado, and Jason Wahler will all be back to grace our television screens with their presence, but that’s not all. By far fans are most excited to see Heidi Pratt, Spencer Pratt and of course Stephanie Pratt back in 2019. The show left off featuring their strained relationship so we can’t wait to see where they are now.

Who is Stephanie Pratt?

Pratt was literally a nobody before The Hills hit MTV in 2007, impressive considering her current net worth. Initially, Pratt played a supporting role alongside main cast members, Lauren Conrad, Patridge, Montag, and Port. In 2010 casting adjustments boosted Pratt to center stage alongside entrepreneur Bosworth and actress Kristin Cavallari. While she may have started as a minor “character,” she pretty much made the show by the time the sixth season rolled around. Now Pratt is a well-known television personality, model, and fashionista with several TV appearances under her belt.

What has Stephanie Pratt been up to?

It’s not very surprising that Pratt will be returning in the long-awaited reboot of The Hills. After the show went off the air, Pratt found herself on several other similar shows including Made in Chelsea, and Celebrity Big Brother. It seems the star might have a thing for the dramatic world of reality TV.

Pratt recently teamed up with Bachelor Nation’s Wells Adams in a podcast titled, Pratt Cast. The podcast gives fans an insider look at what’s going on behind the scenes of The Hills: New Beginnings. According to the description, listeners can look forward to getting the scoop on all the drama between the Spencer siblings as well as the rest of the cast.

Entertainment isn’t the only thing Pratt has been pursuing. She recently released an Autumn/Winter collection with Goddiva. This isn’t Pratt’s first collection to go public either! The Hills star has released two lines previously, both of which were well received.

Stephanie Pratt and Spencer Pratt’s relationship explodes

In 2007 Spencer began dating Heidi Montag. All was good and well except Conrad suspected Spencer of spreading a sex tape of her and her former boyfriend, Wahler. The “rumors”  ultimately caused Conrad to end her friendship with Montag. Fast forward and Stephanie found herself confronting Conrad but the anger fizzled out and the two became good friends. Unfortunately, the blossoming friendship dampened Stephanie’s relationship with her brother as well as Montag.

What does Stephanie have to say about her and Spencer’s relationship now?

According to Stephanie, her and Spencer’s relationship is horrific. While fans may have thought that everything about The Hills was scripted, it’s easy to see that their fall out wasn’t. Stephanie opens up during her podcast about the relationship between her, her brother and her sister-in-law. She talks about how her time on Made in Chelsea showed her just how real things have gotten and assures fans that the drama they’ll catch during the reboot is legit. If anything she wishes there was a script at play.

Their relationship is so fractured that Stephanie had no idea her brother was having a baby last year. She got the news from a Daily Mail article just like the rest of us. The distance between the three doesn’t end there. Despite the 2017 report claiming a healed family feud and the bubbly updates on social media, she’s only seen her nephew, Gunner, a few times and has only held him once. If that doesn’t speak to the climate of the Spencer sibling’s relationship maybe this will. According to Stephanie, “A long time ago, he told me that he unsistered me, so I don’t think I’ve been sistered back…”. Based on the nonexistent relationship she has with him and her nephew, we are inclined to agree.