Stephen Colbert Will Joke About Donald Trump During His Emmys Monologue

Stephen Colbert will not steer clear of talking about President Donald Trump during his monologue at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards.

The Late Show host recently spoke with Variety ahead of his Emmys gig, and he said that while he doesn’t consider his upcoming monologue to be political, it’s also impossible for him not to discuss the biggest story of the year.

“We are storytellers: The story we are telling is what happened on television this year,” Colbert told Variety. “It’s not a political monologue, but you can’t keep politics out of it, because politics was the biggest TV story this year. The biggest story of the year is not Westworld. It’s not The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s not Milo Ventimiglia’s luscious abs. That’s not what we cared about. The biggest TV star of the year is Donald Trump.”

Stephen Colbert delivers his monologue on The Late Show

Stephen Colbert delivers his monologue on The Late Show. | CBS

Although awards shows are often political, they’ve become even more politically charged since the election of Donald Trump. At the Golden Globe Awards in January, Jimmy Fallon’s first joke of the evening was, “This is the Golden Globes, one of the few places left where America still honors the popular vote.” Later, he compared Donald Trump to King Joffrey from Game of Thrones, said that even Florence Foster Jenkins turned down performing at Trump’s inauguration, and said that the results of the show were tabulated by “the accounting firm of Ernst & Young & Putin.”

At the Academy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel’s second joke was that the show was being watched around the world by “more than 225 countries that now hate us.” He went on to talk about the fact that the country is very divided right now but that he isn’t sure how to unite it. On a serious note, Kimmel recommended the millions of people watching at home have a conversation with one person they disagree with, “not as liberals or conservatives but as Americans.” Later, he jokingly thanked President Trump for making the Oscars seem less racist by comparison.

It’s safe to assume that Stephen Colbert’s monologue at the Emmys will be more focused on taking down Donald Trump than these other shows were, as the Late Show host has emphasized politics on his show this year even more than his competitors. While speaking to Variety this week, Colbert expressed his desire to see President Trump removed from office, hoping that Republicans will step up to do so.

Colbert will almost certainly make a joke on Sunday about the fact that Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the Emmys for being rigged after losing for The Apprentice.

It’s also likely that politics will come up during some of the acceptance speeches at the Emmys, especially if The Handmaid’s Tale takes home some awards.

The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards will air on Sunday, September 17 at 8:00 p.m. E.T. on CBS.