Stephen King Watched This ‘It: Chapter Two’ Scene Being Filmed

Stephen King has a cameo in It: Chapter Two. He occasionally pops up in his own movies, as the priest in Pet Sematary and a cemetery caretaker in Sleepwalkers. His screen time wasn’t the only time King was around the It: Chapter Two set. Actor James Ransone, who plays grown-up version of Eddie Kaspbrak said King was there when he filmed one of his scenes. 

Stephen King
Stephen King is a guest on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, 11/2/15, | Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Ransone spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet at the Los Angeles press junket for It: Chapter Two. King was not even the scariest part of this scene. It: Chapter Two opens Friday, September 6.

The ‘It: Chapter Two’ scene James Ransone did in front of Stephen King

Having the author of the book you’re adapting watching you film has got to be intimidating. He couldn’t have picked a more fraught scene either. 

“Stephen King was on set that day watching so I felt really unnerved by that,” Ransone said. “I was like oh, man.”

In the scene, Derry bully Henry Bowers (Teach Grant) attacks Eddie with a knife. 

“[Director] Andy [Muschietti] would have me do certain stuff that got annoying,” Ransone said. “It got a little tedious after a while because they would have to come in and clean up the blood.”

How James Ransone tried to please Stephen King

James Ransome
James Ransome | Emma McIntyre/FilmMagic

Ransone always wants to give his best performance and do a good job, but with Stephen King himself watching, Ransone had an additional goal. 

“I feel like we met him the night before and he’s so amiable and open and will talk about his life that all I wanted to do was just make him laugh,“ Ransone said. “That was what I wanted to do is make Stephen King laugh. I really feel like I swung for the fences. I just wanted the validation from Stephen King, ‘That kid’s funny.’”

So did Stephen King laugh? “I think so,” Ransone said. “He was like, ‘Who’s this idiot?’”

The one part of that scene James Ransone likes

Many actors are their own toughest critic and James Ransone confirms he is. 

“I don’t really like anything that I do ever,” Ransone said. “Any line reading I give, it always feels false to me when I watch it but there’s one little thing I did in that where I remember being like happy with myself. There’s one moment in that bathroom scene where I thought it was like oh, that’s funny.”

It: Chapter Two
Bill Hader and James Ransone in It: Chapter Two | Brooke Palmer/Warner Bros. Entertainment

Confronting Henry Bowers, who’s just as dangerous but now has full-grown adult strength, is intense. Ransone gave the confrontation one moment of levity.

“I do this weird look where he’s laughing maniacally and I go like ha ha,” Ransone said. “I try to mimic the laughter with this horrified look on my face as if, if I was relating to him, he would just stop. I always think what’s the stupidest thing I could do. It’s never what’s the funniest thing I can do. It’s what’s the dumbest thing I can do? For some reason I did it and it just worked out well.”