Stephen King’s ‘It’ Movie Has a New Trailer and It’s Full of Surprises

After lots of false starts, New Line Cinema’s long-awaited It movie — the first of a planned two-part adaptation — is finally coming to theaters in fall 2017. And from the looks of the latest trailer, fans have a lot to look forward to. The studio recently dropped a new full-length teaser that’s packed with scares, callbacks, and surprises.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the terrifying trailer:

Another look at Derry, Maine

The town of Derry, Maine in the It movie

Derry, Maine | New Line Cinema

Welcome back to Derry, Maine, a town most Stephen King fans are all too familiar with. The city may seem idyllic from the outside, but — as you can probably guess — all is not as it seems.

In addition to serving as the backdrop to it It, Derry has been the setting for Insomnia, Bag of Bones, and several more of King’s works. It was also recently featured in Hulu’s adaptation of 11/22/63.

The Losers’ Club

Four kids play in the water

The Losers’ Club | New Line Cinema

King’s original novel focuses on a team of misfit kids, dubbed “The Losers’ Club,” who overcome their fears and band together in order to destroy the evil and terrifying Pennywise the Clown.

The trailer gives us our first look at the members of the club, seen here happily splashing and playing in the water — clearly, before Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) enters the picture.

A glimpse at The Bowers Gang

A group of teen boys stand in a circle with their arms crossed

The Bowers Gang | New Line Cinema

Unfortunately for The Losers’ Club, Derry — like pretty much every other small town — has its fair share of bullies. In this case, Henry Bowers (Nicholas Hamilton) leads the gang of boys who set out to make the lives of the Losers miserable.

The group of bullies, known as The Bowers Gang, also includes Belch Huggins (Jake Sim), Victor Criss (Logan Thompson), and Owen Teague’s Patrick Hockstetter (who later disappears, as seen on a missing poster in the trailer).

The red balloon

A red balloon is seen floating in the backseat of a car

It’s red balloon | New Line Cinema

The trailer gives a glimpse of one of Pennywise’s infamous red balloons rising in the backseat of a car — a warning sign of the clown’s influence, as viewers know. The shot serves as a reminder of the underlying darkness that permeates the innocent-looking town.

It speaks

Pennywise the Clown peeks out from the sewer holding a paper boat

It speaks. | New Line Cinema

In this trailer, audiences finally get to hear Pennywise speak — and yes, it’s just as creepy as you’d expect. His first line?  “Here, take it.” Cue the shivers.

Skarsgard’s iteration of the evil entity doesn’t sound quite as growly as that of Tim Curry, who portrayed the character in the 1990 TV adaptation of the story. Though his voice may be breathier, it’s still chilling — especially combined with that eerie, echoing laugh.

A hint at It’s terrifying history

A newspaper details a story of a fatal explosion

A look at the Derry Herald | New Line Cinema

After Mike Hanlon (Chosen Jacobs), member of The Losers, reveals that his grandfather believes Derry is cursed, Ben (Jeremy Ray Taylor) decides to do further research at the library. The trailer shows him doing some research on the town’s troubled past, including the Kitchener Ironworks explosion of 1906 (which the book makes multiple references to).

Another newspaper mentions an incident in which five people are massacred in Derry in broad daylight. From the looks of the headlines, It has been causing terror and tragedy in the town for longer than anyone thought.

Bill sees Georgie

A boy in a white shirt follows a younger boy in a yellow raincoat

Bill and George in It | New Line Cinema

Another one of It’s favorite tricks? Preying on kids’ vulnerabilities — which, for Bill Denbrough (Jaeden Lieberher), is his missing little brother, Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott). After Bill sees what looks like the ghost of his younger sibling running through his house, he can’t help but follow him downstairs to the basement … where Pennywise is waiting.

That’s when Georgie utters his famous line, “You’ll float too,” which goes on to serve as the backdrop for a slew of fast-paced, terrifying scenes that follow in the trailer.

A new knife for Henry Bowers

A boy in a red shirt holds up a knife

Henry Bowers | New Line Cinema

From the looks of the trailer, the movie will replicate the scene from the novel in which Pennywises provides bully Henry Bowers with a switchblade — one that he eventually goes on to use.

As fans of King’s work now, the memory of wielding the weapon ends up haunting Bowers, even through adulthood — an ongoing story line audiences might see in the planned sequel to It.

It’s lair

Pennywise peeks around a corner of a sewer pipe

It’s lair | New Line Cinema

The trailer’s most heart-pounding sequence takes place underground in the town’s sewer system, which seemingly doubles as It’s lair. If you take a closer look, you can see the remnants of children’s clothing and toys scattered about.

Introducing Mr. Keene

A pharmacist wears glasses and stands in front of a shelf filled with medicine

Mr. Keene | New Line Cinema

Here’s Derry’s neighborhood pharmacist and drug store owner, Mr. Norbert Keene — a character that fans will recognize from the novel. In the trailer, he’s used as an example of the many adults that are turning a blind eye to the evil force wreaking havoc in the town.

A cameo by the original Pennywise

Pennywise lashes out in a room filled with clown dolls

Pennywise | New Line Cinema

The closing scene of the creepy It trailer follows one of the kids of the Loser Club, wandering around a dark and creepy room full of clown faces and dolls. Of course, in a room that terrifying, it’s not long before Skarsgard’s Pennywise jumps out and attacks the unsuspecting child.

But besides the final jump scare, the scene also includes another great Easter egg for fans. As Pennywise emerges, eagle-eyed fans may notice a specific clown doll to the left that looks suspiciously like Curry’s original incarnation of the character — a great callback to the ‘90s TV series.

It is set to hit theaters on Sept. 8th.

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