Steve ‘Bean’ Levy, a Groundling Alumni, Dies at 58 from Rare Form of Cancer

Steve ‘Bean’ Levy, an actor who appeared in Ray Donovan and Shameless, has died. He passed away on Jan. 21 at 58 years old, according to Variety. Levy had an acting career that spanned nearly 30 years.

Most recently he had a recurring role in Ray Donovan, shortly before he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. In 2018 Levy penned a poignant essay that chronicled his battle with Sino-Nasal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Nasal cancers are extremely rare. The United States records just 2,000 cases per year.

Steve Levy went by Steve Bean professionally, according to IMDB. Several other Steve Levys currently work in the entertainment industry, most notably sportscaster Steve Levy. Bean and Levy are not related.

What shows did Steve Levy act in?

Steve “Bean” Levy appeared in a variety of television shows and movies as a bit actor and supporting cast member. His first acting credit was in Cheers in 1988. In the show, Levy plays an unnamed reporter. He appeared in just a single episode. The following year he appeared in Murder, She Wrote and Quantum Leap. The latter role marked Levy’s first named role. More recently he landed small roles in Justified, Days of Our Lives and Shameless.

Before his screen acting career, Levy premiered his talents on small stand-up stages in Pittsburgh and Boston. In Boston was half of a comedy team known as Zito and Bean. His comedy partner Chris Zito is a currently a radio host in Boston. Levy and Zito attended Carnegie Melon University together. Levy left Boston in the 1980s to join the Groundlings, the famed LA-based improv group, according to Legacy.

The Groundlings have produced a plethora of comedy greats, including Will Ferrell, Jon Lovitz, Lisa Kudrow, and the late Phil Hartman. Melissa McCarthy and Kathy Griffin are also alumni of the improv group.

Was Steve Levy married?

Levy was married at the time of his death to Carolina Carrigan. Carrigan, born in New York City, is an actress who is best known for her work in A Civil Action and Hot. Levy and Carrigan share one son, Jacob, together.

Chronicling his illness

Levy chronicled his illness in Mel Magazine, explaining that he went to an ENT after experiencing congestion and nosebleeds. Diagnosed initially with sinusitis and polyps, Levy’s doctor suggested a quick outpatient procedure. Once inside the actor’s nose, however, the diagnosis changed quickly. Since his diagnosis, he has chronicled his journey on Twitter, as well.

Levy’s cancer diagnosis came shortly after the outpatient procedure. Levy’s specific type of cancer is so rare that there are only two known causes. The two causes include exposure to nickel and breathing in carpentry products. Levy was exposed to neither. Levy experienced a second recurrence shortly after finishing chemotherapy.

He underwent a second surgery that removed portions of his jaw. In 2018 he would find out the disease was back for the third time, and this time it was terminal. Through the pain, the tears and the reoccurrences, Levy did manage to keep his sense of humor. By sharing his story with the world through Mel Magazine, he brought awareness to sino-nasal cancers, something that few people have ever heard of.

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