Steve Harvey’s Beard: The Family Fued Host Embraces His Gray

A lot of people – especially celebrities – like to hide the fact they’ve aged. They dye their hair, get plastic surgery, and go on what are supposed to be miracle diets or exercise routines. A few, however, decide to embrace the aging process. One such person who finally did just that is Steve Harvey. The Family Feud host has fully embraced his gray as seen in new images taken during Harvey’s most recent family vacation.

Why the change in appearance?

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Harvey talked about his new look. Not only is he now rocking a beard, but he’s stopped dying his facial hair black. Of course, he is definitely still keeping his signature clean-shaven head the same.

While on vacation recently, Steve Harvey forget his mustache dye at home. It was unavailable to him where he was staying in the United Arab Emirates. According to Harvey, he looked in the mirror after a while and decided to see what would happen if he just let everything go – no shaving off the beard, no dying his mustache black.

Why is Steve Harvey keeping the beard?

During the same interview with Ellen, Harvey states the reason he decided to keep the beard is that his wife, Marjorie, likes it. She told him to keep it, and so he did. When Ellen jokingly asked if anyone could not like the beard, Harvey said that he had some haters on Instagram commenting on his photos. They, obviously, did not like the new appearance.

What he had to say about the “haters” on Instagram

Being the nonchalant, dry comedian the world has come to love, Harvey handled the haters in the best way possible. When some people were making comments about how he looked “old,” Harvey agreed with them! The haters had to stop there, because how can you argue with someone who agrees? Steve Harvey says he is embracing his age and that he feels “eighty-two percent smarter” with his new look.

Steve Harvey: the man behind the beard

So, who is the man behind the beard? Most people know Steve Harvey as the host of Family Feud, or from his 1990’s television series The Steve Harvey. He has a host of other acting credits, however. He has appeared in the television series Mobile Home Disaster, Little Big Shots, and Steve. He has also played parts in the movies Love Don’t Cost A Thing, You Got Served, Racing Stripes, and Madea Goes to Jail.

Harvey has been married three times, including his current marriage to wife, Marjorie. The two married in 2007, and have a blended family of seven children. Two children are from Harvey’s first marriage, one is from his second, and three are step-children he has raised as his own. He also has five grandchildren – one of which he welcome into this world just earlier this year.

How long has he hosted ‘Family Feud’?

Steve Harvey is best known as the host of Family Feud, which is a game show where two sets of families compete against one another. The contestants use one-word answers that need to fit into a specific category. Harvey has been the host of the show since 2010, when he took over the position for John O’Hurley. O’Hurley had hosted the show beginning in 2006.

What makes Steve Harvey stand out as a host is his facial expressions and dry humor when interacting with contestants. Videos of him reacting to ridiculous questions have gone viral on YouTube and social media on more than one occasion. His reaction when ridiculous answers are actually correct is even funnier.