‘Steven Universe’: What to Know About the Documentary With Rebecca Sugar

Steven Universe: The Movie was pretty epic for longtime fans of the series, and its debut this past September filled a void left at the end of season five. So much went into the creation of the movie special that it was promoted as a musical explosion featuring the likes of Chance the Rapper, Estelle, and Patty LuPone.

Now, fans are being given an opportunity to see how it all came together behind the scenes. A Steven Universe documentary arrives next month, and diehard Universe lovers won’t want to miss out.

Rebecca Sugar, creator of 'Steven Universe'
Rebecca Sugar, creator of ‘Steven Universe’ | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for ReedPOP

The documentary is an extra incentive

Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems, will give fans a peek into the creative process that formed the basis of the movie special. It may come as a surprise that she based it on a real-life incident. Entertainment Weekly obtained a clip from the upcoming documentary and in it, Sugar opens up.

She discusses a trip overseas back in 2015 that caused her to have to unintentionally reset her phone, and this unfortunate event gave her the idea:

“I hit restore and completely wiped everything from my phone. I had all of these drawings and photos from the crew from these really formative times that were just gone in an instant. I completely broke down. I had never felt like that before, to have years of my life just vanish and I never got it back. The movie comes from that experience because I started to think about, what would happen if these characters were restored to factory settings and all their progress got wiped?”

From years ago, this was a story that was bound to happen, and Sugar says the characters’ paths were bound to change.

When does the documentary come out?

The documentary is one hour long and covers the making of the movie, and viewers will also get a glimpse the whole team who worked on the special. It won’t be a standalone feature that airs on Cartoon Network, but the documentary will be packaged along with the DVD for Steven Universe: The Movie, which will be available on Nov. 12. Target shoppers will have early access on Nov. 5.

Fans should bear in mind the movie and documentary are only going to be sold as DVDs and not Blu-ray discs. The soundtrack will go on sale on Nov. 15.

More episodes of ‘Steven Universe’ are coming too

Earlier in October, Cartoon Network announced that a limited series for Steven Universe is on its way and it will serve as an epilogue for the show. Titled Steven Universe Future, its description reads (per SyFy Wire):

“After saving the universe, Steven is still at it, tying up every loose end. But as he runs out of other people’s problems to solve, he’ll finally have to face his own.”

The Crystal Gems have more to do, but the movie provided a smooth segue into what could be the final stretch of the Universe gang’s tale. According to Sugar, “The whole point of Steven Universe is that these characters are making progress; that they’re having these long, interesting character arcs; that they’re going from being Gems that are programmed to behave a certain way to really finding themselves.” Be on the lookout for what’s next from Beach City and beyond.