‘Strahan and Sara’: Is Keke Palmer Joining as the Third Host?

Is this the season for casting switch-ups? If so, a few stars are certainly benefitting. One of those people is actress Keke Palmer.

Palmer is known for her role in Akeelah and the Bee and her later role in Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens.

Now, Palmer may be moving into the morning television world with a permanent hosting gig on the Good Morning America spinoff, Strahan and Sara.

Why is Palmer joining the show?

Fans of Strahan and Sara may know Palmer from several appearances that she has had on the show. She often filled in as a guest-host, particularly when Sara Haines was on maternity leave. Each time Palmer guest hosted, she brought energy and a young perspective to the talk show that wasn’t there before.

“Keke has been so much fun filling in, so they decided to make her an offer,” an insider told Paige Six. “The audience knows her and she’s got great chemistry with both [hosts].”

Having her as a permanent part of the show may make Strahan and Sara more appealing to a younger audience.

“She’s got tons of energy, she’s fun and super spontaneous,” another source told Deadline. “You can see everyone is having a blast.”

The deal with Palmer has not yet been signed but Page Six has reported that an agreement is close.

‘Strahan and Sara’

Strahan and Sara originally started out as GMA Day, which was intended to be a replacement for The Chew in 2018 after there were several sexual misconduct allegations against Mario Batali, one of the cohosts of the show.

How do viewers feel?

Fans of the show have been all over social media expressing their approval for Palmer.

“Keke Palmer is fantastic on this show!! Keep her on! She brings so much positive energy to this show and is interesting. I have started watching this show since she’s a co-host. #StrahanAndSara,” one fan tweeted.

#StrahanAndSara oh my Gawd. Keke Palmer has brought new life into this show,” one person wrote. “I have never laughed so much. She is the best. Please keep her around.”

“Keke Palmer is fantastic on this show!!” a fan said. “Keep her on! She brings so much positive energy to this show and is interesting. I have started watching this show since she’s a co-host. #StrahanAndSara.”

People have been loving her as a guest host.

“She’s been pretty amazing as a fill-in!” one person tweeted.

Others claimed that Palmer was pretty much the only reason that they watched the show.

“Strahan And Sara is awful, but @KekePalmer is good,” another person said. “Better than Sara. I think they may have a decision to make when Sara gets back from maternity leave.”

“I wasn’t interested in the show until @KekePalmer came on board. Her personality makes the show worth watching,” one person said.

Some people even wanted Michael Strahan and Haines out.

“I’m starting a petition to have @KekePalmer & @howiemandel take over for the #StrahanAndSara show!!” a fan tweeted. “#KekeAndMandel sounds cute af and I haven’t stopped laughing and smiling watching them today! @GMA@StrahanAndSara.”

For several fans, a cohosting position for Palmer isn’t even enough.

“Okay it’s settled,” one person wrote. “@kekepalmer needs her own show. She is rocking #StrahanAndSara.”