‘Strahan and Sara’: The Real Reason Keke Palmer is Officially Joining the Show as the Third Host

It’s official. Strahan and Sara is getting a makeover. The third hour of Good Morning America will now be known as Strahan, Sara, & Keke as Keke Palmer will be joining Michael Strahan and Sarah Haines as a host of the segment.

The addition to the show was announced Monday, which was coincidentally Palmer’s 26th birthday.

How was the change announced?

On Monday’s episode, Haines quipped that the show had been looking for a gift to give Palmer for her birthday.

“Keke was so great. She came in this summer, when I was on maternity leave and Michael was doing Michael,” she said. “We love Keke because she stepped up to the plate and joined our family and carried the ball. We thought we’d do something really special for you.”

Then, Palmer pushed a button and the screen showing the show’s name switched to Strahan, Sara & Keke.  

“We appreciate you,” Strahan said. “We love you. This is just not a gift for us, this is a gift for America.”

“You guys have always embraced me,” Palmer said. “Since I first came on, just being a guest.”

Who is Palmer?

Palmer is a young actress who got her big break when she starred in Akeelah and the Bee. From there, she made it to the Disney Channel where she had her own show, True Jackson, VP. She, then, had another breakout role as Zayday in Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens, alongside Emma Roberts, Lia Michele, and Ariana Grande.

Joining Strahan and Sara won’t be the first time that Palmer has been in front of the camera on a talk show. In 2014, she had her own talk show, Just KeKe on BET. The show was, unfortunately, canceled after one season.

Why is Palmer joining the show?

Palmer first appeared on Strahan and Sara as a guest host. When Haines went on maternity leave, the morning show had a series of celebrities come in and guest host alongside Strahan.

“Keke has been so much fun filling in, so they decided to make her an offer,” an insider told Paige Six before an agreement had been reached. “The audience knows her and she’s got great chemistry with both [hosts].”

The producers thought that bringing Palmer on in a more permanent role might attract younger viewers and breathe new life into the show.

“She’s got tons of energy, she’s fun and super spontaneous,” another source told Deadline. “You can see everyone is having a blast.”

Fan reactions

Fans who had gotten to know Palmer when she took over for Haines, had been rooting for her to be a permanent part of the show for a while.

“Seeing Keke Palmer get added as the permanent third for ‘Strahan & Sara’ (&Keke!) was THE motivation I needed to get through the week,” one fan tweeted.

“KeKe is ALWAYS coming out the box crushing the game!!!!” another person wrote. “And it’s been that way ever since ‘Akeelah and the Bee.'”

But some people were a little skeptical.

“Keke Palmer on ‘GMA’ now with ‘Strahan and Sara’,” one person commented. “I guess a millennial perspective is needed but I’ll have to see how this one plays out.”