These ‘Stranger Things 4’ Fan Theories Will Change the Way You See the Teaser Trailer

It’s happening — Stranger Things Season 4 has officially been renewed. After a few cryptic teasers on the show’s social media accounts, Netflix announced the news with a fresh Stranger Things 4 teaser trailer on Sept. 30. And although the series won’t be released on Netflix anytime soon, viewers are taking this time to create a few fan theories of their own. So prepare some waffles and hold on tight — we’re not in Hawkins anymore.

‘Stranger Things 4’ will involve time travel

The presence of clocks in the Stranger Things 4 teasers are unmistakable. Prior to the teaser trailer debut on Sept. 30, the Stranger Things Instagram page added a video of an upsidedown clock to their Stories. Meanwhile, the show’s Twitter page posted two emojis — a clock and upsidedown smiley face.

Then when the trailer dropped, the teaser featured the fourth season logo in front of — what appears to be — the Upside Down. There is also a clock to the left of the logo.

Many fans seem to think Stranger Things Season 4 will deal with time travel of some sort, often pointing out potential foreshadowing from season 3. On Reddit, one fan explained, “I suspect that this season will focus on the idea of time travel. It was referenced quite heavily in season 3 with Back to the Future and in Hopper’s letter, he mentions turning back the time if he could.”

The fan then hypothesized Hopper (David Harbour) isn’t the one who is capable of time travel. Instead, they suggest Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman), noting his mysterious voicemail you can hear if you call 1-888-355-8703, per CNET. The Redditor then indicated Murray’s voicemail said, “I have an update. It’s about, well…it’s not good or bad, but it’s something.” Thus, possibly hinting his involvement.

“Time travel was also a big thing in many of the 80s film and TV, and it would also be a clever way of surprising the audience with a twist we weren’t expecting,” the fan continued. “Perhaps what we were seeing in that post credits ending was not the future in the same time line, the future in an alternate reality in which the Russian scientists make it back home, successfully open a gate there, and obtain a Demogorgon.”

Season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’ will take place in the Upside Down or Russia

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Following the trailer release, it seems most fans think the fourth season of Stranger Things will be set in the Upside Down. The tagline of the Stranger Things 4 teaser is “we’re not in Hawkins anymore,” which can allude to the famous quote from The Wizard of Oz.

“It’s a literal reference to the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy being stuck in an alternate dimension that mirrors her own world,” one Reddit user explained.

Meanwhile, other fans wondered if the fourth season would spend time in Russia, given the season 3 finale. However, some fans refuted this idea, explaining Russia will not be as involved as some people think. “I feel like they can’t go to Russia,” a fan hypothesized. “I think they may recruit people in Russia to destroy everything. Or Hopper may be in the Upside Down in Hawkins. Travel the dimension and end up coming out of it in Russia and contacting home.”

Regardless of what happens, it’s likely fans will step outside of Hawkins — or at least the Hawkins we’ve come to know. “It’s not ‘set’ in Hawkins because now half the cast has moved away and the world of Stranger Things is as wide as Russia,” a fan shared. “Will there be scenes in Hawkins? Of course. But the Duffers have been saying they’ve been waiting to take the series outside of Hawkins for a while now.”

What happened to Hopper?

David Harbour and Winona Ryder from 'Stranger Things'
David Harbour and Winona Ryder from ‘Stranger Things’ | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

For the most part, most fans seemed to agree Stranger Things Season 4 will feature Hopper’s rescue. “The gang going on a rescue mission for Hopper on the Upside Down,” a fan proposed.

Meanwhile, other viewers questioned what will happen to Hopper and how his future could be foreshadowed by the clocks in the teasers. “The clock is what’s really tripping me out,” one viewer stated. “It has to be a clue. Someone is running out of time?” Another fan then responded to the comment and noted Hopper could be the one in danger.

Viewers also offered the clocks could signify “someone is dying and the gang needs to save them.” Another Reddit user then wondered if “the remnants of the Upside Down are poisoning someone from the inside out.” They then proposed Will (Noah Schnapp), El (Millie Bobby Brown), and Hopper — if he is alive in season 4 — are all possible targets.

In all honesty, these Stranger Things Season 4 theories are just crazy enough to work. The Netflix series always manages to pull off the unexpected. So at this point, anything could happen.

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