‘Stranger Things’: Are They Still Friends in Real Life?

When a hit show airs or streams with an appealing cast of characters, the first thing most fans want to know is whether the cast are good friends in real life. In most cases, this proves true, even if in a few cases it’s not.

One of the biggest problems is when a famous cast starts going their separate ways to seek their own fame and fortune. Once this occurs, the friendships sometimes fade. Many think this might be happening on the popular Netflix show Stranger Things.

The kids on the show are true superstars now, and they’re all starting to delve into other media avenues. Have they stayed friends along their showbiz journeys? Being late Millennials, they may appreciate the value of sustained friendships.

Stranger Things
Stranger Things cast | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Growing up together on a show is different than when you’re an adult

It seems you typically see stronger bonds with kids who’ve grown up acting on sitcoms or dramas. When you grow up doing a TV show and spend your entire formative years there, it’s going to leave a more profound impression about the people you worked with for years.

Despite Stranger Things being on only around for three years to date, that’s a lifetime in the time of teen actors. Time seemingly goes slower for kids at this age. This makes the experience all the more palpable.

Because sitting and waiting around for filming to resume is also a prerequisite of being an actor, the kids of Stranger Things no doubt had a chance to learn more about each other.

Public interviews from recently show us just how close they’ve really become. They act like real brothers and sisters.

Promotional appearances for ‘Stranger Things’ display the cast’s friendship

All the press junkets the cast has to do each year allows them to spend even more time interacting in interviews. A good example of this in the national spotlight is when the kids recently appeared with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

Fallon challenged the kids with a quiz called “Search Party.” Similar to a “Family Feud” format, the kids were asked questions about the most popular searched terms on Google. Some of the questions related to the 1980s, the era so convincingly portrayed in Stranger Things.

Millie Bobby Brown did the best of any of them (not unsurprisingly). Though to be fair, they all did a good job. Earlier, they did a group interview, showing off their close chemistry.

Their interactions were like a true close family, something not unusual for other ensembles seen on popular sitcoms and dramas.

Will the friendships last when they all inevitably become bigger stars?

Perhaps the real test of the cast’s friendship is right now, considering many of them are already major celebrities. Brown is obviously the most popular of the group thus far. It’s not to say many of the cast aren’t also upping their acting resumes, including stars like Finn Wolfhard and Noah Schnapp already young veterans of TV and movies.

With Brown appearing in the new Godzilla: King of the Monsters movie, plus its sequel, it’s expected she could become the biggest success story. There was even insinuation by her at one time she was quitting Stranger Things. She had to correct she wasn’t leaving. But this proves just how much she and the cast members want to stick together to the end.

Many of those involved with the show think the show will end in another year or two. Whether the cast will stay as friends then will be up for debate. Almost every ensemble this close usually do have reunions from time to time if you go by other classic casts from shows like Cheers orFriends.

Being adults is still a different world, though. We still can’t help think the entire cast will keep those child personas with them for the rest of their lives.