‘Stranger Things’: Fans Are Certain Billy Hargrove Could Have Changed The Fate of Season 3 If He Made This One Decision

Season 3 of Stranger Things filled us was an abundance of mixed emotions, to say the least.

Many fans are still trying to process exactly what took place over the course of eight episodes as well as doing their best to cope with the many losses that took place this season.

Dacre Montgomery
Dacre Montgomery as Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things | Photo via Instagram

While there have been many fan theories as to how this season could have had a different outcome than it did, one theory, in particular, points out that Billy Hargrove could have prevented one of these tragedies from happening.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Things would have been different if Billy didn’t resist the Mind Flayer early on in the season

The final scenes of Stranger Things Season 3 was a lot to take in for many of us.

One of the things fans still aren’t over is Billy Hargrove’s (played by Dacre Montgomery) unfortunate death, which was mainly caused by him defying The Mind Flayer.

Though his death was completely unexpected and heartbreaking, some fans are certain that Billy could have prevented his tragic fate in a new fan theory.

According to Reddit user Juiceistasty11, they theorized that had Billy not resisted The Mind Flayer shortly after getting infected, the season would have had a completely different outcome.

The Reddit user believes that had Billy just gone along with The Mind Flayer’s plan and infected Mrs. Wheeler when they were in the pool closet together, that alone would have changed the entire course of Season 3.


If Billy infected Mrs. Wheeler, then she, in turn, would have infected her family, including Mike.

Once Mike was infected, he could have easily killed or infected the rest of his friends, including Eleven, who was The Mind Flayer’s main target.

‘Then, it would be pretty simple for the Mindflayer to use Mike to trick Eleven and kill/flay her. Even without having Mike under his control, the Mindflayer was nearly able to get Eleven, so with Mike on his side, I don’t think Eleven and the crew would’ve stood a chance,” the user wrote.

Billy would most likely still be alive had he’d gone along with the plan

Though it has yet to be confirmed why Billy didn’t “flay” Mrs. Wheeler, fans have already started a comment thread giving their thoughts on this.

While some are convinced that since Billy was newly infected when his talk with Mrs. Wheeler happened, we can assume the Mind Flayer’s influence hadn’t settled into him just yet. 

Other users are certain that the reason Mrs. Wheeler wasn’t infected was that she probably reminded Billy of his own mom, who he loves very much.

Seeing as though it soon became clear that memories of his mother seemed to be the only thing that allowed Billy to snap out of the Mind Flayer’s influence, this theory isn’t too far-fetched.


Though these theories will never be confirmed now that Billy Hargrove has been killed off, his final decision completely saved the entire cast and we will forever be grateful.