‘Stranger Things’: How Old Is Millie Bobby Brown?

The talent pool for seemingly prodigious acting talent never seems to wane in Hollywood. While we’ve seen our share over the decades, it seems that evolution keeps producing superstar actors before they’re even teenagers.

Of course, this brings automatic caution on what those careers can do to their psyches. Some of them, though, like Millie Bobby Brown seem mature enough to handle it, despite appearing on a wildly popular Netflix series.

We all know Brown is a big star now on Stranger Things. You’ll be amazed at how this young star isn’t even 16 years old yet but is arguably one of the most in-demand child stars in existence.

Brown’s young career didn’t start on ‘Stranger Things’

Most people only know Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven/Jane in Stranger Things, but she was already doing American TV guest spots before landing her star-making role.

While it’s bizarre to mention 2013 as a starting point for an actress, it was the first year Brown worked on an American TV show. This was playing a young Alice on ABC’s short-lived Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, an offshoot of Once Upon a Time.

She was able to parlay this memorable appearance into various guest shots on American dramas. Before Stranger Things began in 2016, you probably saw Brown on a 2014 episode of NCIS or Modern Family. She even did a guest spot on Grey’s Anatomy a year before Netflix came calling.

By this point, she was only 12 years old, yet with more ambition than most kids have at 18.

Her family almost went bankrupt before ‘Stranger Things’ started

Coming from British parents (but born in Spain), Brown had her talent carefully nurtured by her family. They made the sacrifice to come to America so Brown could fulfill her wish to become an actress and model.

Just before Stranger Things began, her family was tinkering on the verge of bankruptcy due to the financial sacrifice. It tell you how much families have to give up to make an acting dream come true.

The main reason for their financial hardship was because Brown wasn’t landing big starring roles in the mid 2010s like they’d hoped. Getting paid for one-shot guest appearances on TV shows doesn’t necessarily pave a golden path ahead.

Oddly, Brown said it was her maturity that prevented her from landing typical kid roles.

Brown helped the validity of Netflix in creating big stars

Netflix had various original shows going in 2016, though nobody could believe it could generate a big blockbuster hit capable of turning young acting talent into household names.

Most of the young cast of Stranger Things couldn’t have guessed they’d be the most bankable young actors in America within a year after starting the show.

Of course, after three years there, rumors are growing about Brown possibly leaving. When wrapping filming on Season Three, she even posted an Instagram insinuating her departure. She discounted this later in an interview with Stephen Colbert.

With two major films on the horizon for her, a whole new cinematic path still awaits in surprising genres.

Brown stars in two upcoming films before turning 16

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown attends the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards | Matthew Eisman/FilmMagic

As of this last February, Brown turned 15 years old, despite wrapping production on two major films while still being committed to Stranger Things. She’ll soon star in two interesting films: One playing Sherlock Holmes’s sister in movie adaptations of the Enola Holmes Mysteries series of books.

While this is right up her alley, she also completed filming two films in the rebooted Godzilla movie franchise. It looks like she’ll be one of the few who can take on typical British lit pieces and still take on the odd and the strange(r) in sci-fi projects.

Considering Brown will be producer on her Enola Holmes films, you can safely call her a Hollywood prodigy. She’s another gift from Britain where many of the world’s best actresses still come from.