Will ‘Stranger Things’ Star Millie Bobby Brown Drop a Mixtape?

Millie Bobby Brown certainly has had a busy year. From debuting in her first blockbuster film, to her work on Stranger Things, to her partnership with the jewelry company, Pandora, to launching her own skincare brand, florence by mills, the 15-year-old has a ton on her plate. But Brown seems to be endlessly eager and hungry about adding new skills into her repertoire. But, will the talented teen give her fans what they really want and drop a mixtape?

Millie Bobby Brown arrives at the Stranger Things 3 World Premiere
Millie Bobby Brown | Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/FilmMagic,

It’s no secret that Brown loves music. Just a few months ago, the Stranger Things star was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and revealed her obsession for the late singer, Amy Winehouse. Whilst on the show, she gushed that she’d been fascinated by Winehouse for over a decade and named Winehouse her top musical influence. “Amy Winehouse is like my favorite,” Brown gushed animatedly, before launching into a story about how she’d been exposed to Winehouse at a very young age.

Brown reveres Amy Winehouse

Brown even took things one step further by giving a great impersonation of the late singer. When prompted, the Stranger Things star gave a noteworthy performance of “You Know I’m No Good” from one of Winehouse’s most recognized albums, Back To Black. Not only was Fallon shocked by Brown’s vocal chops, but the audience and fans were too. Soon after the interview, her fans began questioning if she would ever be open to releasing music of her own.

It seems that music is something that Brown does want to get into eventually, but she’s a bit nervous to get started and doesn’t know exactly how to navigate the music industry. In a recent interview with Elle, Brown shared her thoughts about possibly releasing a mixtape. “I love music, but I never know what’s going on there,” the 15-year-old confessed.

Will Brown release a mixtape

But despite being unsure, Brown does have a few songs under her belt. “I have a few [songs], but I’m too scared! It’s so scary. There are so many people that go into the acting industry and then the music industry. I think you can do it right if you do it right. So, I don’t know. I’m waiting for that. But for me, I’m directing, producing. [That’s] the way I want to go. I like to boss people around. Just kidding,” the Stranger Things star confessed about the possibility of her releasing a mixtape.

It’s great that Brown is being strategic about pursuing a possible career in music. With Stranger Things 4 officially in the works, Brown certainly has a lot on her plate without even thinking about a career in music. However, if Brown were to decide that she wanted to pursue music, she already has an incredible fan base who would likely rally to support her. With a whopping 29.7 million followers on Instagram alone and pre-existing connections to people in the music industry, like Drake, Brown certainly has a running start. But, no matter what she decides to do, we’re sure she will excel at it.