‘Stranger Things’: The Release date of Season 3 Finally Revealed

‘Stanger Things’ Season 3 | Millie Bobby Brown Instagram

Season 2 of Stranger Things was definitely one for the books, but Season 3 looks like it’s going to be a rollercoaster of events and we can’t wait!

Now that the release date for Season 3 has finally been revealed, we still have questions that have yet to be answered.

Until we get those answers, here is everything we currently know about Season 3 of Stanger Things.

The new season is premiering July 4

After waiting more than a year for the new season (Season 2 premiered in October 2017) we will finally get our much-needed dose of brand new Stranger Things episodes!

Fans of the show have been waiting patiently for word of the official release date and the Netflix gods finally answered when the streaming platform released an official date as well as a teaser of the new season.

Stranger Things Season 3 will premiere on July 4. Netflix shared a poster of the new season and it included an adorable shot of Mike and Eleven holding hands (our hearts can’t take it).

At the beginning of December, the small teaser of the new season didn’t seem to reveal much but did nclude a few hidden messages that we can’t wait to reveal.

This season has eight episodes

Who else is ready to binge-watch Season 3 of Stranger Things in one day?

Executive producer Shawn Levy revealed how many episodes the season will consist of and a storyline that is ready for fans to experience.

“It’ll be an eight- or nine-episode season. The number of episodes will be dictated by the amount of story that excites us. We now know what is going to happen in season three to every character” Levy revealed during an interview with Glamour Magazine.

On December 9, Netflix revealed the titles of each episode giving fans a small glimpse of what to expect this season. The titles are, “Suzie, Do You Copy?”, “The Mall Rats”, “The Case of the Missing Lifeguard”, “The Sauna Test”, “The Source”, “The Birthday”, “The Bite”, and “The Battle of the Starcourt”.

The original cast members are returning

All of the original cast members are making a comeback in the new season.

The cast of ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 | Gaten Matarazzo via Instagram

“Mad” Max, who was introduced in season 2 will play a more prominent role in the new season. Her older brother Billy will also be seen a more, hopefully, he’s a little nicer this season.

Good news for all Will fans! Our favorite traumatized boy will finally have a much-needed break from the Upsized Down. In the new season, Will finally has a chance to be a normal kid for once and be able to fight off other unexplainable monsters without getting possessed!

No one knows what to expect

Since the end of Season 2, many fans had questions that we’re hoping are finally answered in Season 3.

Fans are still wondering what exactly they can expect once this new season comes to Netflix, but many of us are drawing blanks.

There are still a lot of things we do not know and this new season will hopefully deliver those answers.

July 4 cannot come soon enough!