‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: David Harbour Says Hopper Is in ‘a Dark, Fragile, Vulnerable Place’

One of the biggest questions that Stranger Things fans have ahead of the show’s fourth season is what happened to Jim Hopper. The beloved ex-chief of police appeared to die in the Stranger Things Season 3 finale. But a teaser image for the show has revealed he’s alive, imprisoned far away from Hawkins. David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper, recently offered some hints about what to expect from his character next.

David Harbour poses for a photo on the red carpet at an event for his Netflix series 'Stranger Things'
David Harbour on the red carpet at an event for ‘Stranger Things’ in June 2019 | Chris Delmas/AFP via Getty Images

Jim Hopper ‘will face dangers both human … and other’ in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

Stranger Things was last on in July 2019, ending with Jim Hopper sacrificing himself to save Hawkins. Caught between the opening to the Upside Down and the machine needed to close it, he told Joyce Byers to start it. It looked like he died in the blast, but we now know he survived.

Somehow, Hopper was transported to Kamchatka, Russia. He’s being held in a jail where prisoners are forced to do hard labor before being served to a Demogorgon.

“It’s not all good news for our ‘American,’” show creators Matt and Ross Duffer previously said in a statement shared with Deadline. “He is imprisoned far from home in the snowy wasteland of Kamchatka, where he will face dangers both human … and other.”

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David Harbour calls season 4 ‘epic’

Interviewing with USA Today, Harbour was asked whether he could offer any details about the upcoming season. He described it as “enjoyable,” mainly because viewers will see it expand beyond Hawkins and get to learn more about Hopper.

“I love it. This season is so enjoyable, it’s epic in a scope that we’ve never had,” he said. “Enjoyable is a strange word: It wasn’t easy. It was a lot of cold nights, we’re out on locations in crazy snowy environments sometimes and in actual prisons (in Lithuania).

“And also even where Hopper is in his life, he’s in a dark, fragile, vulnerable place, to the point where he has a shaved head and he’s like a baby almost,” Harbour continued. “He’s discovering himself and what he is, and we also are going to see a lot of dark backstory from Hopper that we’ve only hinted at. It’s not ‘happy’ enjoyable, but enjoyable in terms of eating a hearty meal.”

Harbour also said in an earlier interview with Collider that season 4 would set up the ending. But of course, he couldn’t really talk about it.

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When does ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 come out?

Sadly, there’s still no official release date for Stranger Things Season 4. The show remains in production, at the time of this writing. But Harbour said in a June appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that it would be finished around November. With that in mind, it seems likely that Stranger Things will return to Netflix in 2022.