‘Stranger Things’: See Why This Fan-made Trailer Went Viral

Never underestimate the power of fandom. Sift through the internet long enough and you’ll find that some ambitious person or group decided to remake your favorite movie poster, film trailer, music video, or TV show in a clever way.

Have you checked out the LEGO fan edits for trailers like Deadpool and Doctor Strange? You must! In the meantime, we’re sharing this altered version of Stranger Things that sums up the show in a novel way.

'Stranger Things' cast
Gaten Matarazzo, Noah Schnapp, Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard and Caleb McLaughlin of ‘Stranger Things’ 2017 | Jason LaVeris/WireImage

This ‘Stranger Things’ reimagining went viral

Distributed by Octopie network, this trailer—which comes in under two minutes—condenses Stranger Things into an anime masterpiece. A lot of thought went into capturing each character’s essence, appearance, and story, and there’s remixed theme music in the background that accents this video perfectly.

You don’t have be a card-carrying member of an anime or manga fan club to appreciate the skill and artistry in this trailer. Titled “If Stranger Things Was an 80s Anime,” it hits all the right notes. Watch as Eleven battles the Demogorgon.

A mixture of elements from seasons one and two, viewers see the Dungeons & Dragons game board in the first shot along with the four boys from Hawkins: Will, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin. Things quickly flip upside down with Eleven in the lab with Dr. Brenner, Joyce and the blinking Christmas lights, and Steve’s spiked baseball bat. Barb is in it too!

Who created this video short?

According to Polygon, Humouring the Fates is the animation studio behind the cool video, and they were tapped to do a fan-made anime ode to the show. Newsweek interviewed the design team and they shared that Octopie approached them and said, “do something cool and fan-made for Stranger Things.”

One of the writers for Humouring the Fates, Adi Tantimedh, told Newsweek that the themes in Stranger Things are very common in manga and anime:

“Teenagers teaming up together and vanquishing evil with the power of friendship is the predominant theme in manga and anime aimed at kids. The way the Upside Down is portrayed throughout the three seasons is reminiscent of how ‘jigoku’ – Hell or the Underworld – is often portrayed in Japanese movies, folklore and anime.”

Anime lovers might recognize some similarities in the ‘Stranger Things’ short

The team at Humouring the Fates was deliberate in their recreation, taking notice of various ‘80s cartoon intros that have an anime style, and paying attention to cues from the Duffer Brothers.

In the past, the Stranger Things showrunners cited the anime, Elfen Lied, as one of their inspirations for Eleven. Artist LD Walker told Newsweek that the Humouring Fates project pulled from that series as an influence as well, noting how Eleven is similar to one of its characters:

“She echoes Lucy with her psychic powers; how she was raised as a child weapon, her escape from the lab, and how she was even adopted by good-natured people who took the edge off her will to kill.”

If you’re digging the cartoon effects for the Stranger Things crew, a deep dive into YouTube will reveal that more animated versions of these characters exist. Be sure to check out the Christmas one and the Adventure Time mashup.