‘Stranger Things’ Star Finn Wolfhard to Play Nova in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’?

Marvel leaks — some credible and trustworthy, others random and gloriously unrealistic — always circle the internet between cinematic installments. Following San Diego Comic-Con, and the announcement of multiple Disney+ TV shows and movies as part of Phase 4, Marvel enthusiasts everywhere began prophecizing the MCU’s next ten steps. The latest leak involves none other than Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard; Marvel seems to be veering into stranger territories quite frequently lately.

Finn Wolfard of Stranger Things
‘Stranger Things’ star Finn Wolfhard | Photo by Phillip Faraone/WireImage

From who’s bound to be the next great villain — Galactus or Doctor Doom — to how Vision will be resurrected from the dead, multiple ideas, with various degrees of backing, have seen their fair share of consideration. Most recently, 4chan — an established Marvel leaker with a reputation for being correct just enough that people keep the source on their radar — released a massive leak on Reddit.

From Peter Dinklage’s return to the MCU as Eitri in Love and Thunder to Ray Winstone’s casting as Natasha’s father in Black Widow, the list is so long it almost feels completely implausible. However, given the leaker’s past, we can’t assume it is all false, and one possible truth will be sure to satisfy Stranger Things diehards.

What we know about Finn Wolfhard’s involvement in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ so far 

According to 4chan, here’s what we know about Love and Thunder (take the following with a grain of salt): 

Thor: Love And Thunder takes place 95% in space. Peter Dinklage returns as Eitri. Chris Pratt has a small appearance as Quill. Taika Waititi wants Ryan Gosling and Finn Wolfhard for roles in the film.

4chan Reddit

If Chris Pratt is actually set to have a minor appearance as Star-Lord, our favorite heroes — battling for superiority when one is destined to emerge triumphant — will return to fight side-by-side once again. What does this mean for Finn Wolfhard? It could point towards the character he would be most likely to take on.

Why Finn Wolfhard, if cast in ‘Love and Thunder,’ may portray Nova 

Let’s start with the immediately obvious: Wolfhard is an adolescent, 16-year-old boy, with a slender frame, standing at 5’10” tall; in other words, he’s not going to take on one of the brawny heroes who can bench more than his own weight. He will have to play a teenager. So, why Nova?

Nova, in the comic books, is directly connected to the Guardians of the Galaxy. Sam Alexander (Nova) fell off his skateboard (while searching for his missing father) and bumped his head, according to Marvel Fandom. When he awoke, he discovered Rocket Raccoon and Gamora standing over his hospital bed. 

They were all searching for a Black Nova helmet, and after discovering Sam’s father’s helmet, Rocket and Gamora began to teach Sam how to use it. While Gamora and Rocket may not be the link in the upcoming installment, it’s plausible to believe that they will retain some of the character’s comic book introduction — and historical integrity — by giving the honor to Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord. 

The MCU is famous for taking the comics and slightly shifting the stories to work with their goals and within typical filmic restrictions, and this seems like one of the most plausible shifts. Not to mention, fans have lost the father-son bond present between Stark and Parker, and maybe Star-Lord and Nova could fulfill a little bit of that lost energy. While Finn Wolfhard’s presence in Love and Thunder still remains unknown, it would not be surprising to see him play Nova, if his involvement turns out to be true.