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With Disney’s new streaming service set to launch in a couple of months, Netflix is trying harder than ever to hold on to subscribers. Admittedly, Netflix has upped its game in recent years with a slew of original programming as well as all-time favorite TV series and movies. There are a few of their original shows that stand head and shoulders above the rest — shows that have achieved true cult classic status. These are the shows that fans return to again and again, and would likely riot (not to mention cancel their subscriptions) if Netflix ever pulled them.

‘Stranger Things’

First premiering in 2016, Stranger Things quickly took the world by storm. The show, centered around a group of pre-teen boys and their adventures with the paranormal in a small town in Indiana, felt strangely familiar yet completely new. With subtle tributes to filmmakers like Steven Spielberg and John Hughes, Stranger Things became a huge hit for Netflix. With a popular second season and a brand-new third season that just dropped on July 4, fans are clearly committed to the show. 

While a fourth season hasn’t yet been announced, the ending of the third season left plenty of space for a continuation of the story. Furthermore, many fans are just getting started with Stranger Things — it seems unlikely that Netflix would cancel one of its biggest cash cows at this point. 

‘The Umbrella Academy’

When Disney announced its streaming service in 2018, fans guessed that it was only a matter of time before all Marvel content was pulled from the Netflix platform. While most of the Marvel superhero content has, at this point, been removed from Netflix, the platform has released some surprisingly good superhero shows of its own. The Umbrella Academy is one such show. The series, based on a popular comic book, focuses on a group of mysterious children with special powers who are adopted and raised by an eccentric billionaire. With excellent actors such as Ellen Page and very high production values, The Umbrella Academy is well worth a watch. 

The Umbrella Academy was received remarkably well upon its release in February 2019, and fans were thrilled to learn that it has been renewed for a second season. It’s too early to tell whether or not the show could last into a third or fourth season, but all signs are pointing up for The Umbrella Academy.

‘Bojack Horseman’

A cult classic animated comedy that features stellar voice talent and whip-sharp writing, Bojack Horseman has been one of Netflix’s most popular comedies. The show, in its more serious moments, revolves around a horse-man named Bojack Horseman, a former TV star who is trying to deal with life in the current society. Bojack Horseman is five seasons in and still going strong, with the sixth season set to debut on Netflix later this year. 

‘The Crown’

One of the most critically-acclaimed shows on Netflix or any medium, The Crown is a must-see. The show follows the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, from the day she was crowned in 1947 to the drama surrounding the death of Princess Diana, and much more. Fans of the royal family, as well as British history, are addicted to The Crown, and the acting, writing, and production value have all earned high praise from fans and reporters. 

Following a successful first season in 2016 and a popular second season in 2017, Netflix announced plans for several more seasons, spaced out over several years. The Crown has won multiple awards, including several Emmys, so there’s no doubt that Netflix will want to keep it going for as long as possible.