‘Succession’ Star Brian Cox on How the COVID-19 Pandemic Will Affect Shooting Season 3

Succession, HBO’s dramatic series about the Roys, the family of big-city media moguls, was recently nominated for 18 Emmys. Even though the network green-lit Succession for its much-anticipated season 3, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic put an indefinite rain delay on production. The show’s creator wants to get the cast and crew back to work in 2020. But how will filming during the coronavirus outbreak affect Succession Season 3?

‘Succession’ Season 3 filming tentatively planned for late 2020

Succession cast Season 2 - Brian Cox
Cherry Jones, Brian Cox, and Holly Hunter on HBO’s Succession | Peter Kramer/HBO

Variety recently reported on a brief conversation with the creator of Succession, Jesse Armstrong. The HBO showrunner explained the team was: “trying to think about starting shooting in New York before Christmas.”

However, the writer/producer understands that nothing is set is stone.

“Who knows if that’ll come about, but that’s the plan at the moment,” Armstrong shared about the potential production on season 3. The Succession creator added that any comments are “just conversations,” and he knows the road to actual filming is long and “tough.” When will Succession Season 3 air? That’s even less certain. Per Variety:

Even if Succession manages to fire up the engines again before Christmas, viewers will likely have to wait well into 2021 to find out what happens for themselves.

Lead cast member Brian Cox is the only one who knows what the characters get up to in season 3

According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor Brian Cox — who plays patriarch Logan Roy in Succession — got insight on season 3 early. Cox recently joined SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, where he dished on what he knows.

“Cox is the only actor who knows what will occur in the upcoming, highly-anticipated third season,” THR continued. That’s because Cox made a recent visit to “series creator Jesse Armstrong.”

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“I nearly fell off my chair because he never tells you about the next series,” Cox shared on the radio show. As for earlier Succession seasons: “We never knew from episode to episode what was going to happen.” While Cox wouldn’t reveal any HBO secrets about season 3, he did have one review of the upcoming season’s storylines.

“… it’s jolly thrilling,” the Succession actor gushed. “That’s all I can say.” 

However, Cox understands that season 3 will feel a bit different than other seasons.

Cox predicts how shooting ‘Succession’ Season 3 will be different from season 1 and season 2

Cox is keeping his fingers crossed that Succession Season 3 can begin shooting in November. He has faith in the network to keep it safe and healthy for the cast and crew.

“HBO has been fantastic because they are covering every protocol possible, and they really want to be safe because it’s a show they care a lot about,” the actor explained on the SiriusXM program.

Brian Cox as Logan Roy in Succession
Brian Cox as Logan Roy in Succession | Peter Kramer/HBO

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Cox explained that “strict precautions were being put in place to shoot amid the pandemic.” However, the Emmy winner knows that Succession will run into some bumps along the road. The show is used to authenticity and sticking to principles.

“Our problem with the show is it’s a verity show because we shoot on the move and chronologically,” Cox shared. “But we now have to change in a way to be more controlled.” One thing that will change?

“We’ll have to use more sets than we did before,” the Succession actor predicted.