‘SUGA’s Interlude’ Climbs iTunes Charts Around the World

On Dec. 6, Halsey released two new songs from her upcoming album, Manic. She dropped “SUGA’s Interlude” and the song and music video for “Finally // Beautiful Stranger.” “SUGA’s Interlude” is a collaboration with Suga, a rapper and producer from the Korean band BTS. After its release, “SUGA’s Interlude” quickly rose to the No.1 spot on iTunes charts around the world.

Suga's Interlude
BTS with Halsey | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Halsey chose Suga to collaborate on the song because of his artistry

Halsey and the members of BTS share a close friendship. After announcing the tracklist for her upcoming album, Manic, Halsey told fans why she chose Suga to collaborate on “SUGA’s Interlude.” In an Instragram live video, Halsey explained that she appreciates Suga’s artistry and his introspective way of thinking.

“Yoongi’s like really introspective, and this really like intelligent perspective on you know, where we are and what we’re doing in our unique lifestyles,” she said on Instagram. “And he really fit like the sentiment like vibe of the album and like what it’s about. So, I felt like I really wanted to include him.”

After releasing “SUGA’s Interlude” on Dec. 6, Halsey posted a message on her Instagram story explaining the process behind the collaboration.

“So unbelievably proud and happy with Suga’s Interlude. This song was very carefully crafted by us. Every production choice by all of us was intentional to provoke a feeling,” Halsey wrote on Instagram.

She continued, “I wanted Yoongi because I am a huge fan of his solo music and I knew he would be the perfect person to paint a picture that was beautifully tragic. And I am honored to have, on my album, such a song that transcends language and shows that the human experience is fundamentally the same universally.”

‘SUGA’s Interlude’ reached the No.2 spot on the US iTunes chart

After its release, “SUGA’s Interlude” reached the No.2 spot on the U.S. iTunes chart. On Dec. 6, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Camila Cabello, and more artists released new music as well, making the climb of “SUGA’s Interlude” even more impressive. Because of the relatable and touching lyrics, the song resonated with fans.

“I JUST FEEL LIKE A LOT OF US ARE AT AN AGE where we are scared of our futures?? because it’s so incredibly scary? and min yoongi is just kinda holding our hand saying HEY THATS OKAY THAT YOU FEEL THAT WAY, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, I UNDERSTAND YOU,” a fan tweeted.

“the lyric translation … yoongi is talking about the struggles of being famous and the constant worry of the future, how he doesnt know if the steps hes taking are the right steps but amidst all the fear we have to keep living and moving forward,” wrote a Twitter user.

“I also want to thank @halsey for letting Yoongi create this song and rap in korean on it. She put her trust in him, and mind that this album is very personal and important for her and it’s really heart warming seeing they together made this masterpiece. On repeat #SUGAsInterlude,” one fan tweeted.

The song reached the No.1 spot on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart

Across the world, “SUGA’s Interlude” rose on iTunes charts. While the song reached the No.2 spot on the U.S. iTunes chart, it reached the No.1 spot in 53 different countries.

Some of the countries “SUGA’s Interlude” reached the No.1 spot on iTunes include Sweden, Portugal, Russia, France, Norway, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. The song also reached the No.1 spot on the Worldwide iTunes Song chart.