‘Suicide Squad’: 8 Cut Scenes That Could’ve Saved the Movie

Suicide Squad was a movie plagued by issues related directly to its jumbled story. Rumors have flown around since its release that DC and Warner Bros. were playing around with multiple cuts of the film, having vastly altered director David Ayer’s original vision. We’re starting to see evidence to support that theory too. A list of scenes that were reportedly cut have surfaced on Reddit, and it’s pretty damning toward DC’s propensity for over-tinkering.

Many of the cut scenes paint a picture of a Suicide Squad that actually sounds halfway decent. Ayer’s initial cuts had the movie pointed in a somber, less humor-filled direction, that actually seemed to gel well with the cast of villains the story focused on. But as Warner Bros. reacted to complaints over Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice‘s “dark and gritty” tone, the sober feel of Suicide Squad went right out the window. That being so, it’s hard not to feel like the collection of scenes below would have vastly improved the otherwise problematic film.

1. More background on Enchantress

June Moon / Enchantress - Suicide Squad
Enchantress | Source: Warner Bros

It was pretty clear from the get-go that something was awry in the introduction of Enchantress (June Moone) as the primary villain of Suicide Squad. Originally, the movie sought to afford her much more attention, even going so far as to open on an extended version of the scene where June Moone is possessed by the spirit of Enchantress in a remote cave. The final version of the movie opted to make her possession scene part of the series of flashbacks “in favor of a new opening centered on Deadshot.”

2. Killer Croc gets to be more than window dressing

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje in Suicide Squad
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje in Suicide Squad | Warner Bros.

Trying to focus Suicide Squad more on Will Smith’s Deadshot character came at the expense of other characters, Killer Croc among them. Aside from a few throwaway tough-guy lines, actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje didn’t have much to do throughout the story. This is what Reddit reported.

Early reports indicated more backstory for Killer Croc, revealing that he lived his entire life as a social outcast due to his physical deformities and has convinced himself that he is beautiful in his own way. There were also scenes displaying his affinity for making sculptures out of discarded materials.

What we got instead was next to nothing in terms of a Killer Croc’s origin, making it difficult to even remember that he was a part of the main narrative, much less even in the movie.

3. The birth of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad Trailer 3, DC and Warner Bros.
Harley Quinn | Warner Bros.

We see a little bit of Dr. Harleen Quinzel’s transformation into Harley Quinn in flashbacks, with the defining moment being a plunge into a vat of Ace Chemicals. According to Reddit, there was an extended version of the scene featuring more dialogue that included a better idea of what the Joker’s own motivations were in making her jump. All in all, it’s an important scene for the development of her character, and cutting it out did Harley few favors when it came to understanding her better.

4. Back-story for Slipknot

Slipknot - Suicide Squad Trailer 3, DC
Adam Beach as Slipknot | Warner Bros.

The back-story we got for Slipknot (or lack thereof) makes Killer Croc look positively profound. Slipknot doesn’t even get so much as a flashback to tell us who the hell he is, making his unceremonious death mere minutes later that much less impactful. Interestingly enough, “early cuts reportedly included a passing reference to Slipknot being a serial rapist, likely to further paint him as unsympathetic to the audience ahead of his own death.” It’s definitely not much in the way of an origin, but even that’s better than the complete lack of anything that we got instead.

5. Insight into the relationship of June Moone and Rick Flag

Rick Flag and June Moone in Suicide Squad
Rick Flag and June Moone | Warner Bros.

Given the fact that Rick Flag and June Moone’s romantic relationship played in heavily to the film’s climax, it seemed curious to give us little to no background on their courtship, rapport, or dynamic as a couple. Instead, we got a voice-over in a flashback that just tells us they fell in love. So if it feels like there were some missing pieces that would have given us more in the way of back-story, well, it’s because there were.

Reddit details “more scenes of Rick Flag and June Moone’s romantic relationship” along with “another scene where Flag and Moone are out on a date,” among the footage that hit the cutting room floor, making for one of the more glaring omissions of Suicide Squad.

6. More from the Joker and Harley Quinn

Joker and Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad
The Joker and Harley Quinn | Warner Bros.

You can’t blame fans for feeling like they were lied to about the Joker’s less-than-prominent role in Suicide Squad, especially with the marketing blitz that billed him as a big part of the main story. Based on the laundry list of cut scenes involving the Joker and Harley Quinn, it looks like we originally were going to have much more of the iconic villain. More importantly, we were robbed of some telling exchanges between him and Harley, including one particularly heated conversation.

Joker and his men escaping after shooting up a restaurant. Harley, who is already affiliated with the Joker, follows them on a motorcycle and intercepts their car. Joker bangs his head against the glass in frustration. Joker and Harley then get into a fight, which ends with Harley pointing a gun at Joker’s head. Joker sweet-talks Harley into lowering the gun, charming her, then backhands her across the face. Afterwards he sweet-talks her again and they kiss.

7. More from Captain Boomerang pretty much everywhere

Captain Boomerang Suicide Squad
Captain Boomerang | Warner Bros.

Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) had the potential to actually be one of the more interesting characters in Suicide Squad. His ridiculous “abilities” aside, he more often than not served as the primary well for comedic relief. That was apparently the plan from the beginning too, with a host of Boomerang-centric scenes getting axed in the final cut. Incidentally, the scene where the Flash captures him was tacked on in the 11th hour as a last-second Justice League tie-in, which was subbed into the movie in favor of more character-driven scenes.

8. Harley spurns the Joker after his helicopter crashes

The Joker - Suicide Squad, Trailer 3
The Joker | Warner Bros

This one’s pretty much the big kahuna when it comes to the “why the hell was this left out?” question posed by fans. Harley’s autonomy independent of the Joker’s influence is never really established in a significant way at any point in Suicide Squad. Throughout the film, we see her as blindly devoted to her abuser even when she thinks he’s dead and even after he left her for dead when she was captured by Batman. In one deleted scene though, we get to see her actually thinking for herself.

Joker returns during the final battle in the subway station, face half-burnt from the helicopter crash, which apparently leads to a brief altercation with the Suicide Squad. He calls for Harley to escape with him but she refuses for once in order to help her friends, and the Joker escapes after throwing a live grenade at the group to cover his own escape.

Ugh. What could have been.

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