‘Suicide Squad’ is Making a Big Change After ‘Batman v Superman’

Following the dismal reviews for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. is taking action to lighten the tone of this August’s Suicide Squad. The studio is reportedly conducting expensive reshoots of the upcoming movie in an effort to inject a little more fun into its DC Cinematic universe.

As fans know by now, one of the chief complaints about Batman v Superman was that it was too bleak and self-serious. Suicide Squad looked to be the complete opposite, with a refreshingly fun trailer that immediately sparked with fans and earned over a dozen million more views on YouTube than the Batman v Superman teaser. But it looks like as if the widely watched trailer may have been somewhat deceiving,

According to Birth Movies Death, all of the jokes captured in the first Suicide Squad trailer are basically all of the jokes in the entire movie — meaning the overall film isn’t nearly as fun or funny as the teaser might suggest. Considering the largely critical response to Batman v Superman‘s dark tone, that could’ve posed a major problem. Luckily, Warner Bros is already taking steps to fix it.

The studio has apparently requested expensive reshoots in order to alter the tone of the film. The move will reportedly cost “tens of millions” of dollars, but Warner Bros reportedly think it’s worth it in order to infuse more of the humor that audiences initially responded to.

For those concerned that Suicide Squad will lose all of its grittiness and go into full Deadpool mode, don’t worry. Per Birth Movies Death, the studio isn’t planning on inserting jokes left and right. It’s just amping up certain moments and interactions between characters to make the whole movie feel more lighthearted.

Suicide Squad movies - DC Comics, Warner Bros.

Suicide Squad | Source: Warner Bros.

Reshoots are pretty common in big blockbuster films these days, but what makes these different (aside from the astronomical costs) is that it’s a preemptive act on Warner Bros.’s part to prevent Suicide Squad from falling into the same trap as Batman v Superman. The fact that the studio is being proactive and learning from its mistakes should come as good news to most fans, especially those of us who enjoyed the vibe of the Suicide Squad trailer. Hopefully, with these changes, audiences will get the fun, wacky movie they were looking forward to out of Suicide Squad and not another disappointing, overly dark superhero flick.

One thing’s for sure: There’s a lot riding on Suicide Squad, following the somewhat lackluster response to Batman v Superman. Sure, the latter is making a lot of money at the box office, but it didn’t exactly provide the stellar introduction to the DC cinematic universe that the studio was hoping for. Given that, Suicide Squad is now facing even more pressure to perform well not only commercially, but also critically.

That’s why making these tactical changes now is smart. If the studio can get Suicide Squad to match the tone of the trailer (and perhaps allow that same fun feel to filter into future franchises), it’ll only be for the better.

[Update, 4/12/16: Added “Blitz trailer” (see below).]

Suicide Squad is scheduled to hit theaters on August 5.

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