‘Suicide Squad’: 5 Spoilers in the Character Trailers

We’re quickly closing in on the release of Suicide Squad and DC/Warner has continued their all-out marketing blitz. The cast has been making the late night talk show rounds for weeks now, while the studio released a steady deluge of clips, trailers, featurettes, and more.

It’s one particular run of footage though that’s given away the most information. The character-specific teasers afford us some unique insight into what we can expect from the otherwise unspecified plot of the movie.

1. Enchantress and her role as the villain

Enchantress - Suicide Squad

Enchantress | Source: Warner Bros.

We’ve had little (if any) information on who our villain will beUp until now, all we’ve seen were brief glimpses of monstrous henchmen working for a bigger bad. Enchantress’s character teaser features a scene where she appears to be commanding those same very henchmen. When you measure this up against the fact that she doesn’t appear in any of the team shots in past trailers, you start to see her role as an adversary rather than an ally.

All this comes to us around the same time that rumors of another baddie crop up. The cast list released by the studio identifies one actor as Incubus, a comic villain traditionally known to have a female demonic counterpart known as Succubus. If what we’re seeing in Enchantress’s trailer holds up, she could end up teaming up with the same force our anti-hero team is tasked with taking down.

2. Harley Quinn may have her own plans with the Joker

Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad

Harley checks her phone | Source: Warner Bros.

Jared Leto’s role as the Joker has been one of the more well-publicized aspects of this whole movie. What we haven’t quite been able to gather is just how much he’ll be involved in the main story. In Harley Quinn’s own teaser, we get a quick frame that sheds some light on this (above). The bulk of the footage shows Harley beating down a demon henchman with a baseball bat, in what looks to be part of the film’s main, climactic battle. She then briefly looks down to check her phone, having received a message from the Joker telling her to “be ready.” Could Harley be making a break for it in the chaos of the final fight?

3. Dr. Harleen Quinzel and the Joker

The Joker - Suicide Squad

The Joker | Source: Warner Bros.

Harley Quinn’s origin story has been told a couple different ways in DC’s comics. The first being that Dr. Harleen Quinzel was a psychiatrist working at the institution holding the Joker, and sought to rehabilitate him through extensive therapy. The Joker slowly turned the tables, driving her insane to the point where she essentially worshipped him. The second, retconned version of the story is considerably less cerebral. It tells the story of how the Joker dipped Dr. Quinzel in a vat of the same toxin that drove him off the edge, bleaching her skin and turning her into her infamous Harley Quinn persona. Above we see a frame that appears to show the Joker in a therapy session with the good doctor, so perhaps Suicide Squad will split the difference and pull elements from both origin stories.

4. Amanda Waller as the puppetmaster

Amanda Waller - Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller | Source: Warner Bros.

Amanda Waller may very well be the most portrayed character in DC lore that most people know nothing about. The morally questionable director of A.R.G.U.S. has been portrayed by everyone from C.C.H. Pounder (The Shield) to Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Spartacus). It’s Viola Davis though who will be tasked with filling in as the quintessential version of the character. In the comics, she’s typically the one who leads efforts for researching meta-humans, spearheading the team’s covert operation. Her character trailer paints a similar picture, having chosen Rick Flag as the de facto leader of her band of criminal misfits.

5. Katana and her role as a murderous vigilante

Katana - Suicide Squad

Katana | Source: Warner Bros.

A bulk of the Suicide Squad has one thing in common in their shared criminality. Each member has a rap sheet a mile long, featuring a long history of murder, arson, and robbery (among many other crimes). Katana’s moral compass though may not be quite so villainous. Traditionally, her comic character has actually been a superhero, albeit one with a penchant for killing criminals rather than sending them to prison. It looks like she’ll take on a similar role in Suicide Squad, evidenced by a simple credo shown to us in her trailer: “Criminals deserve no mercy.”

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